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  1. What are the phone numbers to call for reservations for the rally? Thanks.
  2. I also like AB Lifestyle. Very nice people and very good products.
  3. Just wondering what everyone's premiums are for their Oliver. Mine is a 2017 Elite II and Safeco wants $800. Does that sound about right? Thanks.
  4. Or Foy could make you one!!!!
  5. I have never run anything on Gas. No, I do not have the propane turned on. It must be the fuse, but will have to have grandson check that out and that will not be until tomorrow. I think I am way too old for all of this and am facing another knee replacement surgery (same knee).. Thanks.
  6. I went to camper and when I toggle to AC the AUTO lite and GAS lite come on and the ref. immediately tries to fire to use the gas. The ref is cooling on DC. I know this is not right, but I am too dumb to figure it out. If the fridge was not plugged in, wouldn't all of the lites be off?
  7. The AC is on and the dehumidifier is also on. Lights work. I will get grandson to check the fuse. I am heading back to camper right now. Thanks so much.
  8. OK, I held the button in and the ref. lights came on. Question: I am plugged into 30 amps so I would think I should have the AC lite on, but the DC lite and Auto lite is on. I cannot get the AC lite to stay on. Is this normal??
  9. Oh and Sherry..I was trying to run the ref. on 110 for a couple of days just to cool it down for the trip. It worked fine last time, but grandson did most everything (and that probably included the ref.) , but I did not learn anything..things will be different this time..lol
  10. Thanks everyone. I will try this tomorrow.
  11. Sherry, the battery level is 13.7 volts. I am plugged into the 30amp service that I have always been plugged into. The de-humidifier is working and that is plugged into the 110 volt plug over the stove. I tried to get down to the power panel, but could not do it. I did not think to check to see if the trailer was 100% level.
  12. This is only the second time camping in the Oliver. I am trying to pre-cool the Dometic refrigerator and no lights on the panel will come on. Could not get to the really accessible fuse panel under the table, but if it is not a blown fuse, what else could it be? Not meaning to complain, but that panel is in a crappy place when you have had a hip and knee replacement. Thanks everyone.
  13. OK, I have reported this. John Davies, I do not know how to do a screen cap, so please tell me how. Thanks
  14. Sorry..hull #267. And yes, the pictures in the ad look just like my camper.
  15. Ok, I just called "Jeanette" at R V Trader and she verified the for sale ad. She advised me to file a claim with Fraud@Traderonline.com. I will do that shortly. I told her this was a scam because: #1 no one had hull #279 but me and #2 there is no way someone will buy an Oliver for $22,000. Thanks everyone.
  16. Lauri, I have all of the "normal" things for theft in place. Cameras with speakers, motion detector flood lights, hitch lock. But, and I think the most important, I have full insurance coverage. The camper is about 2 blocks away from my house (Homeowners rules), but I could be there in a couple of minutes.
  17. I just had someone e-mail me about selling my Oliver. He saw my hull number with a price of $22,000 on RV Trader. It is located in North Dakota. Never been to ND. How do I have this erased? Thanks, Nan in Georgia
  18. TexasGuy - I have white counter tops and love them. I also have a composting toilet and am very happy with it. Solar is the same way..love it.
  19. Thanks Mike! I already have the mattress and the covers up. I drained the water out of the trailer a couple of weeks ago and pulled the rod out of the hot water heater. It just never stays really cold in Savannah for long so I have never winterized the camper. I do have power to the camper, but have always left the refrigerator off. I will turn it on today. Maybe after this knee replacement surgery I will FINALLY be able to go camping!!
  20. Question: It is going to be 25 degrees tonight and tomorrow night, but warming up to the 40's both days. Do I need to winterize the Oliver? Will just running a small heater be OK? Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Nan
  21. I believe I read that when the crank gets hard to turn it is time to empty the composting toilet.
  22. John, I believe this is all about my camper, hull #267. While I have not been able to camp many times since I bought it, I was able to travel to Washington, DC and camped 3 nights both ways. I believe all of the fiberglass may have worked its self out of the ducks, because I found none in the cabin during the trip.
  23. That other owner would be me!!! Yep, never driven a truck or pulled a trailer of any kind. Also haven't camped in at least 50 years. But, I love my Oliver (hull #267). Bought it used from two ladies that brought it to me. It was a beauty, oh and it still is. Still figuring things out but it is getting easier. This forum has helped me out so many time it is unreal! Also have been to Steve and Tali's house for installation of the slide in the Tundra and by the way, I bought the Tundra from and Oliver owner I met at the rally last year. This is just one big happy family!!! LOL. And I enjoyed eating dinner with you and Krunch last year. Hopefully we will run into each other again. Nan Wallace - probably one of the oldest members at 73 years old...again LOL.
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