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  1. I just received the wok yesterday, so have not used it. I only got the Cobb a short time ago, too. I did buy the cook book for the Cobb, but I am not a fancy cook so do not think I will be using these receipts...lol
  2. I am probably going to get the 17-inch one. But, I bought a Cobb grill and also a wok for it. I think I am going to REALLY enjoy this.
  3. I also used AB Lifestyles. I bought sheets, blankets, mattress pads and pillowcases from them. They are very nice people and very easy to work with. I would recommend them in a heartbeat! I also bought Dem-Dry for under the mattresses from Ravenwolf Marine and they are also good people to work with.
  4. I also bought mine from Souther Mattress in North Carolina. They could not have been nicer to work with and they shipped them in big boxes (and it only took them a few days, too!!). I highly recommend them!!
  5. And I loved meeting you at the rally last May. You actually remembered my name everyday!! Blessings to you and your family!
  6. Thanks for the information. This should be a trip for a 73 year old Grandmother to do!
  7. Any tricks I need to know? Two of the windows were leaking rain into the camper and I hope this will fix the problem. Thanks.
  8. I need to clean out the window tracks. Can the weatherstrip that is removed to do this be placed back on the windows, or do I need to put a new weatherstrip on each window? Thanks
  9. Nan


    OK, hope I am posting correctly this time. John, I just ordered the anodes and the rinsing wand. Thank you very much.
  10. Nan


    Thanks, John and the knee is about as good as it is going to get, so I am living with it.
  11. John, I should have said: should I go ahead and order another heater element?
  12. Yep, after I ordered the fuses from Oliver, I found two packages of them in a drawer along with an inside close line I did not know I had..
  13. Thanks for the pictures. Do you think I should go ahead and order one?
  14. Nan


    OK, the main breaker was turned off and turning it on put the 110 into the camper. However, when I turned the main on, I did not know the breaker for the hot water heater was on and it heated up for a couple of minutes before I figured out what was going on. The HW heater is empty. Did I hurt anything?
  15. Nan


    Thanks, John. I was not aware of this.
  16. Nan


    Thanks so much. I will check this.
  17. I finally had the power run to my Oliver. Can someone please tell me why there are two outside plugs for the 30 amp service. I plugged into the one on the side and everything looks good, except I have no 110 volts AC at any of the plugs inside the camper. Also, and this is minor, I do not have a sink stopper so where can I buy one? One more thing please, am I right in that you cannot run your heater off power (must use propane), but you can check out your air conditioner with power. I have not been able to check out any of the systems (other than solar) since I bought this camper a couple of months ago because of not having power. I had to move the camper to another place than my original place and have power and water run. Thank you for your patience. Nan Wallace-hull 267
  18. What size fuses should I have on hand? I went to Camping World today and asked for 10,20 and 30 amp fuses and they asked me what size. I do not have a clue. Thanks, Nan
  19. I would be really interested in this list too.
  20. I went to the rally last May and did not own an Oliver. I had a great time and met many very nice people. I now own hull 267 and plan on attending the rally next May. Talk about community, I bought my towing vehicle from Ken (in Fleming Island, Florida) and Steve and Tali (in Tupelo, Mississippi) installed the slide in it for me!
  21. Thanks Mike. I have been back to the doctor, but only saw the PA. He said it was normal to still hurt and to be swollen. I am doing therapy 2 times a week, but don't think it is helping. This has been a bummer because I had to go to therapy a month before the surgery (to jump through the insurance hoops) and then do the surgery..so all in all this knee has been hurting me for way over 2 months. And that is why I have not been too crazy about doing anything with the Oliver. Just hobbling along and popping pills.
  22. I will send pictures the next time I go to where it is stored. The neighborhood rules state "no trailers, campers or boats" in your driveway, so I found a place a couple of blocks from my house that will store my Oliver. Thanks for asking about the knee..It is still swollen, hot to the touch and I am still on pain pills...after 4 weeks. Getting tired of it.
  23. Mine is used too, but you cannot tell it by looking!
  24. Thanks Bill. I need all of the instruction I can get!
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