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  1. Thrs afternoon is tomorrow. So I will comment re: your situation. With all the elect & hitech stuff on vehicles, and I'm talking associated with the workings of the engines and such, besides the complicated touch screen controls, I would really want a 'full' bump-> bump warranty if I was one to keep my vehicle for a long time and the price of warranty was decent. I am sure you would be surprised of how limiting the engine/chassis warranty actually is. There are just hundreds of expensive items that can go off. IE, my last mini-van had just 1 of several computer circuitry that contro
  2. Can't beat a free lifetime warranty. Not much risk for the dealer considering the already long manuf warranty on drivetrain and length of time most people keep their vehicles. I do want to add a 'for your info' comment on extended warranties based on my previous years selling Honda and Toyota vehicles. Extended warranties are a huge cash cows for dealers and especially for the finance dept person who does all the closing/financial parts of your transaction. Those warranties have enormous markups and the finance 'mgrs' are free to get as much or little as they can for each. They will g
  3. Maybe 1500-2000 miles total during 6 mths of <winter> season and maybe 5-8k pulling trailer in <summer> type mths (May -> Oct/Nov. I plan on staying 6 mths per yr parked on my own lot in AZ, hardly ever driving the truck.
  4. Would you mind telling us the price range of a new RAM 1500 4x4 w/ 5.7 Hemi? Is that something Oliver owners would suggest for simply pulling an Oliver all around the country for the next 10 years and really nothing else? I suppose one should budget an additional 70k for new Oliver on top of the price of the truck. Any other top dollar items involved in the initial purchase? Thx
  5. Has anyone used one of these for RVing: <h1>Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station</h1>
  6. Where on an Oliver is an owner more likely to find a leak? Where specifically will one need to keep a lookout for leaks immediately, and also over time? And what areas if any, will you need to calk regularly? At which points will one see rusting begin, and what does one do about that?
  7. Being new to all this RVing stuff, one spends time supposing things. Wondering if many of these suppositions are fair and accurate, maybe some of you will weigh in on them as I (or others) think of them and list them in this thread. Supposing you are pulling your Ollie and decide you need to go shopping and fill up on some items. It seems to me that pulling into and out of all entry ways of shopping centers and maneuvering down parking isles would be too hard. Thus, do you always go find your camping spot, disconnect, and only then attempt errands and shopping? As opposed to pulling i
  8. Back in my VW camper days (1970), that one would have been quit elaborate me. I would have felt that that was for rich people, not for poor simpleton like me.
  9. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=516066166 Just narrowing the field right now. Would this work well or should I just forget about anything less than a three quarter ton?
  10. Is there, or have there been, any groups of Oliver owners who travel together boondocking full time around the country?
  11. Sounds like a lot of fuss and bother. Seems like it would be easier to poop into a plastic bag, tie it and drop into closest trash bin when going out. That is what I did back in 70's when traveling around the states in my VW camper. Life was so simple then, and one could live so cheaply. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSOWG7U/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01MSOWG7U&pd_rd_w=8RheO&pf_rd_p=8a8f3917-7900-4ce8-ad90-adf0d53c0985&pd_rd_wg=nBpFo&pf_rd_r=30WGH6088ZGTFA5B7GDV&pd_rd_r=36ed9dab-897d-11e9-8d2e-a70b2f04bb3c
  12. Thx John. Yes, I have been reading their reviews over the last few weeks. That is a good site. Both of those trucks I mentioned were 2012s. was told that that was the last year of diesels that did not require DEF which I thought would be less to bother with and save some money.
  13. Not yet, but have a couple nice used ones picked out if I decide to go the Oliver or NL tc way, a 2012 2500 Ram Laramie diesel w/ 48k miles, and a 2012 Ford F350 Lariat diesel dually w/ 39k miles.
  14. Well John boy, now you've done it. I have spent the last month reading and watching videos on these truck campers and have become open to them to some degree. I have put aside the idea of a 5th wheel for now. With the tc (truck camper), not having to pull something behind and be so limited in parking it when on the go, it sure gets me back to my original thought of simplicity like having a small motorhome. I had never given tcs any thought, for my only experience was seeing those ugly tilted or slanted ones being driven by some old codger out in the desert or country/boondocks somewhe
  15. .... BIGGER is better? For instance: In relation to rear axles, a numerically bigger/higher axle ratio will tow a heavier trailer than a lower ratio number, such as 3.73 compared to 3.55 or 3.21. So generally speaking, in this case one could say that bigger is better.
  16. If I may ask, what % of the year did you stay in private campground, state or national park, family/friends property, and boondock? What do you think you spent on overnight parking for the year or on average per month? Thx
  17. Non-stop, who, what, and for how long has anyone full timed it? Any records known about or set? What's your personal one in months, years, miles traveled consecutively or whatever? Anyone planning forever?
  18. Me: 1. I feel the bath is fine now. Wouldn't want valuable space dedicated to something like a dry bath w/ shower you use so little, timewise. After all, if you're not a coal miner, how long does it take to wash and clean yourself? 2. My only desire if adding length is space for a comfortable lounge chair. (see #3) 3. I would love an option for just 1 single bed, maybe full size single, and across from it a pc desk/drawer/file arrangement (techie work/ entertainment center if you like) in place of the other bed. Add a combo desk/lounge chair for the workstation that would
  19. Whether a TT, 5th wheel, or even a motorhome, while you're traveling, boondocking, etc, does one have to be worried about their RV being unattended when they leave it to go shopping, sightseeing, hiking, or whatever? How easy and likely would it be for someone to hop into or hook it up to their truck and drive away.
  20. I liked this lounge I saw at Costco store yesterday. The legs totally disappear underneath inside of outer frame when folded up. Lounge would then, I believe, lay nicely on top of mattress, flat facing either direction, with the back still adjustable from flat to nearly upright with several stops in between. The bottom half has a nice raised/sloped portion under knee area. One could also open legs and sit down in middle of trailer, and take outside also of course. It looks perfect for what I had in mind and more adjustable and usable than the foam idea I had in mind. https://www.cost
  21. I just had an idea for any entrepreneurs out there. Create a latex/memory foam lounger that simply sets/lays atop a single bed and conforms perfectly to a lounge/recliner with a slanted back and curved through hips and legs, exact position most people sit in at home when watching TV. It would only have to be 4-5' long and light enough to move or set aside if needed. In fact, make 2, 1 for TV watching and 1 for those who sleep in a recliner. Could possibly be a 2n1 with the highest portion removable. Just a thought. Oops, too late. https://www.birchbaby.com/bedlounge-regul
  22. Anyone heard of any future plans to make a female version of an Oliver? An Olive maybe? Also, for us old folks who aren't spry any longer, in an Elite II w/ twin beds, where do you find you sit comfortably for long periods? For me, with arthritis pain in hip, legs, and back, being used to a nice size lounging recliner, I have to wonder where you find yourself being most relaxed and comfortable in you Ollie.
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