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  1. This is the most timely post ever. I was just lying under the window of the Oliver last night "bathed" in the moonlight that was pouring in around the windows and thinking, "I should black those spaces out." Maybe I'll get some sleep then. And here's the solution. I've used the Reflectix to insulate our horse barn windows and buy it at Home Depot. I also used it to make a blackout shade for the window in the Oliver door and still have some on hand. I have never seen the white weatherstripping tape at our Home Depot in Santa Fe, so now that I know they carry it, I'll just order it throu
  2. Hi Craig & Rose! Yes, this is us and that's Mary and Larry behind us. Mary came over to introduce herself and it was great to meet another Oliver person, even it's just by marriage. Lol. I'll go to the private message. Nice to meet you! Bill and Doris
  3. Hi Sue and Joe. We hadn't checked the forum for a while and didn't see your post, so we're happy you spotted us as we pulled into Terlingua. We were also happy to show you the Elite 11 and think you'll enjoy seeing the standard model with two beds. It was nice to meet you and we'll see you again the next time we're in Big Bend, since we plan to return. Bill and Doris Longhurst
  4. We are so ready to hit the road. We're doing a shakedown trip to Big Bend at the end of the month then going to Colorado to play golf in April, with a side trip to Bears Ears. We covered the Ollie with a clear tarp over the winter and the solar panels kept a charge, so that's reassuring. For now, we're just happy to plan for these two short trips, but look forward to longer trips this year. Possibly Novia Scotia and Maine to see friends. We can't wait and hope you all have a wonderful year out there!
  5. Alright! All good information and I'm bookmarking the Home Depot pages for the crimpers and clamps. I'll note where the access holes go. I'm becoming puffed up about the ability to fix some plumbing issues myself. And in reply to John's post, this is exactly how I learned the fittings were leaking in the first place. Wet paper towels slipped under the fittings. I didn't have the blue towels but I'm sure they work better than Brawny whites I had on hand. Also, I'm the wife in this case so I give myself full permission to buy any tools we need. Ever since my husband learned he's par
  6. Hi Susan. You may already know this but the valves and fittings you use to configure the trailer for boon docking and winterizing are underneath the bed on the curbside of the trailer. You'll need to remove the mattress or cushions covering the banco and expose the plumbing underneath. We do our own winterizing and we boon dock frequently so we're aware of the valves and the plumbing in that area. It's also where the Truma and furnace are located so they're accessible as well. (In our case we discovered the leaks in the valves after we had to replace a faulty Truma. I'd left that part o
  7. Thanks for the advice and I'd definitely be interested in the access holes and crimper. Something to ponder this winter before we head out again. In the meantime, I'll secure the lines a little better and prepare a field kit as you suggest. We also have a hard time staying on pavement so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep it dry. Doris and Bill
  8. Hi Everyone. Has anyone had issues with the ball valves and fittings on the PEX lines? Three of four fittings on our lines developed leaks after a recent camping trip in Colorado. To be fair, once we left the paved road, we drove 30 miles roundtrip on a dusty, deeply rutted gravel road to reach our campsite. My teeth still hurt and it would have been a test for any trailer. We've had the fittings replaced but now I'm concerned about the fittings I can't see, like the ones to the sinks and toilet and tanks. Is there another fitting that works better than the ones that came stock on the
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