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  1. SafeJack sells various bottle Jacks and accessories. I carry a basic 5 ton bottle jack and a frame cradle attachment to keep the jack from slipping off the frame jacking area.
  2. Spike, your comment about a intake hose kit was curious. What was the issue it addressed? Not able to draw all the water from the tank. What vintage is your Ollie?
  3. I purchased three of the Anderson Jack Blocks thinking the reduced time (jack travels much less), reduces stress on the jack ( not extended so far, better for resisting side loads) and clean off with a rinse when used on dirt. So they work as advertised but I have discovered a basic weakness of the product when used on anything other than concrete. See the pictures. When used as sold the bucket goes flange side/hollow side down. The issue is all the weight is on the flange portion that calculates roughly 28 square inches. So given say a say “650” lb tongue weight that equates to 23 PSI. T
  4. Wow - thanks for all the great responses!
  5. Thanks David, I did a search but didn’t see this thread. It’s a good start. I lick the Shark Bite stuff over crimps or hose clamps but might need all. Definitely a major pain when you fire up the water and have a gusher!
  6. Have any of you “long time Boy/girl Scouts”, be prepared types, assembled a take-with-you repair kit for potential repairs? Not talking about typical tools so much, but more about parts? Our Ollie is about 8 months old and a plumbing PEX fitting in the hot water plumbing snapped off allowing a water line to come completely free during transit due to strain on the fitting from unsupported PEX line weight. I plan to review the plumbing system more and inventory a kit of fittings, PEX tubing, PEX cutter, etc. to avoid the hassle of losing time camping running to the hardware store for a parts
  7. With the high quality LT tires and say two-three hours between pit stops I don’t see a need for a tire monitor for the Elite II. Rather I just carry a tire gauge and a Infrared Temp gun to use at stops.
  8. There is a lot of information on the web regarding using common pool chlorine as a water sanitizing agent similar to using bleach. I live in Florida where we use liquid (versus powder) chlorine in our pools and for other uses like using a garden sprayer with a deluded chlorine mix to treat mold, fungus, alge, etc. before power washing decks, patios, Lana is, etc.
  9. We took delivery 11/25/2019 of a Elite II. I tried to make a educated decision about insurance and did ask about injuries of others in and around the RV that may be blamed or considered my responsibility. Anyway I settled on a policy from Safeco which included full replacement costs (cost at time of purchase, $68k) and I added a coverage called “Vacation Liability” $300,000 liability coverage for $11 extra premium annually. It was implied by the agent as protection against injuries to others in and around the RV. The 81 page policy document lends no comfort or confidence to this coverage (
  10. Has anyone found a source for the little suction cups and clips? One of ours got pulled out and the clip disappeared.
  11. The Truma gas only endless water heater. Seems to work great so far.
  12. Regarding the fridge, I’m new to having all this luxury as I camped out of tents and a slightly converted Utility trailer - no fridge. So are you saying at a campground with electric you run the fridge on propane? The fridge works better on gas that electric?
  13. I have Oliver 555 and both Honda 2200i generators, the std. one and the “companion” that has a std. duplex outlet and a 30amp outlet (L5-30). That 30 amp outlet requires a basic adapter to allow the male end of the Oliver supplied power cord to plug into the adapter. For a first trial trial I started the Companion generator by itself using the 30 amp connection with adapter and then connected the Oliver with its supplied cord. I got no power and the E2 Open ground code on the EMS. I Shut the generator down, unplugged at the Ollie and then added a neutral ground plug to its duplex outlet.
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