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  1. No doubt it’s fun to drive. My 2010 F-150 literally weighed about 900 lbs more so if you hammer the new truck it is a blast! But I did not think I was buying a 6000 lb trailer (loaded) when I bought it. I’ll probably run it about 45-50k miles and get a GMC Duramax or a Ford diesel. My issue is my garage is only 20 ft deep so a short bed something is a must.
  2. Not too surprised and thanks for responding. I heard it said the engine is all economy or it’s all boost, depending on driving conditions. I have ban keeping my trucks 7-8 years and 150k miles but think I’m going the run 3-4 years and trade it model for a change. I spent a lot on tires, brakes, etc. on high mile trucks in the past.
  3. We are taking the factory tour next Friday! We have a seven month old F-150 with the Echoboost, 10 speed and 3.55 axle. What has been your impression of your truck pulling the Ollie?
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