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  1. Thanks for the links! The Fate unbound link was well written and logical so as soon as I can compile our daily amp use I should be able to determine how long the batteries will last, I will need a generator as a plan B but if its only occasional usage I am having reservations about spending $1100.
  2. I have just started looking at inverter generators and was wondering how often owners have needed to use them for charging batteries, run AC or electric appliances, Honda and Yamaha are the most popular but 2020 consumer reports recommends the DEWALT DXGNI2200 or RYOBI 2300. Having owned Honda cars and motorcycles I know they are very reliable and have good warranties but also command a premium price. The recommended models are $599 and $629 at the big box stores. Our camping style is dry camping at state and national parks and we plan to spend a winter in AZ in the future. The trailer w
  3. I am no expert but wouldn't it be more cost effective to remove the eye candy from your camp site and take it with you, so thieves have no reason to monitor your site and steal your possessions! Another thought is many popular you tubers say thieves won't make the effort to leave populated areas to hunt for victims to steal from! An oxygen/acetylene portable torch will burn through any small chain in less than 60 seconds, in reality if someone wants your stuff they will take it.
  4. I found this on line, Yamaha is in stock you may want to check it out. https://www.panthereast.com
  5. Thanks! Everything sounds like good advice, and a special thanks for pointing out the Oliver University, I had a chance yesterday to check it out and it about covers every aspect of the trailer and maintenance. Thank you Gary & Esther
  6. Thanks all for the greetings. When i ordered the delivery dates where all for June but that's a good time for us. My order may seem a little Bland to most but it will be a plain vanilla trailer with no graphics and the standard interior. We mostly dry camp in state or national parks so we opted for the solar package/electronic package, KTT mattresses, hyper vent mattress pads, shower track, composting toilet and 30 LP tanks , micro start for the AC, I can still add options until 30 days prior to production but the only other items I may consider adding are the front basket and 30 A plug. If an
  7. Finally gave up tent camping and pulled the trigger on 2021 LE II last Friday. Scheduled P/U date is 6/25/21 anyone know how accurate Oliver's time lines are? I will be retiring this November and looking forward to hitting the road next summer. Any tips for a new owner welcome. Thanks All Gary
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