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  1. John when we ordered our 2021 the sale staff informed us that their are 3 options that cannot be added later and they are the front 30 amp connection, convection microwave and front and rear gas quick connects! Can't help you with the ultra fabric or storage basket and bike rack but we have the shower track and it is completely overpriced and not worth it, command hooks are a better choice. Another option we find we have no use for is the electronics package and omini directional tv antenna! Hope this helps
  2. Thanks everyone for the information and CalMark tips & information link.
  3. For those of you who have CalMark covers, what do you use to clean them? I have black streaks running down the sides from outdoor winter storage, CalMark has a product on their web site but it expensive and requires cleaning a very small area at a time.
  4. Which toilet is best will depend on your camping style! We have the composting toilet and prefer dry camping at national parks and state parks. The liquid tank lasts about 3 to 4 days and disposing used TP in a bag with a little vinegar helps keeps odor down and your solid tank will last about 3 to 4 weeks depending on usage. As others have said keeping the solids and liquids separate is not a problem. For those that prefer full hookups I think the standard toilet is the way to go, unfortunately regardless of which option you choose the dump station is something you can't get away from.
  5. We have state farm for our insurance needs. $345 a year with $1000 deductible and 5 years coverage for replacement cost. Rates vary depending your state and area you live in.
  6. I used this hitch and towed about 3500 miles this summer with no issues. Hope this helps! $229.99 $0.00 Receiver Size Ball Size Qty: type: Hitches & Towing Vendor: Nationwide Trailers Parts Store Description: The Andersen Rapid Hitch makes it easier than ever to quickly adjust height: pull pin, adjust, slip pin back into place - done! Polished aluminum rack won't rust, chip, or peel. Details/Specs: Available options: 2" Receiver 1-7/8" x 2" GTWR: 7.5K lbs (1-7/8" ball) - 8K lbs (2" ball) 2" x 2-5/16" GTWR: 8K lbs (2" ball) - 10K lbs (2-5/16" ball) 2-1/2" Receiver 2" x 2-5/16" GTWR: 10K lbs (2" ball) - 12.5K lbs (2-5/16" ball) 6" Drop/Rise Combo Ball Tongue capacity: 1.5K lbs Zinc-plated steel Meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications Made in the USA Don't forget your Rapid Hitch Locking Pins
  7. I also use the TST tpms system on my 2021 E II . Easy to set up and and no communication issues without using the repeater. Satisfied customer!
  8. I am thinking of purchasing a Calmark cover, for those that have one, what do you use to cover the solar panels sharp edges with and wi fi ranger antennas.
  9. We have a 2021 Elite II and our propane alarm malfunctioned on our 3 outing this summer, it has a different sensor than the Dometic but after 3 hard resets it has not sounded off. The remnants of Fred had dumped 3.5" of rain where we camped so maybe the humidity was the problem.
  10. We picked up 833 on June 25th, While traveling I left the fridge on auto and it ran on propane just fine, I experimented with manual set on propane and experienced the fail code as you have experienced! With the fridge set on auto and the gas turned off it selected DC while traveling and we noticed the temperature rose to the point that the frozen food was starting to thaw so you may want to leave the fridge on auto and the gas on when traveling or purchase a 12V compressor fridge to keep perishable items in! Just my experience, hope this helps. So far all the systems on the olie have worked as intended. good luck and safe travels.
  11. You may want to check the fitment on the screen door, mine had a 1/4 gap in the top half of the door and let all kinds of bugs in before I found where they were coming from, I opened a ticket on it but the repair that was recommended did not work so I purchased auto/marine weather stripping, also check your tire pressures mine came in at 52 to 83 PSI and check for over spray of gel coat on your wheels and center caps, I still have to clean that mess up!
  12. I retired from the railroad. Debbie and I use railroad train movement (lamp) hand signals, if dark with flashlight, for backing, move forward, and stop. If more than one person tries to give signals or person giving signals is out of sight, the Ollie movement stops. We don't worry about air brake application, hand brake application, and release air brake signals! 😁 Thanks for the tip! My wife and I will be practicing the hand signals routine before our pick up date next month.
  13. If you look closely at the photo the Legacy Elite decal gives its identity away!
  14. In the resent past I have used Cycle trader and Craigs list to sell 2 motorcycles. I was inundated with scam phone calls and texts, both sold but less than 10% of interested buyers showed up for their appointment so be patient and don't go out of your way for anyone! You have a beauty full trailer for sale. Good luck
  15. I was thinking about installing shut off valves for the out side shower and then placing a T valve behind them to either blow them out with air or fill with anti freeze, that way winter camping will avoid any frozen lines, and to winterize the entire system simply open up the valves and fill with antifreeze. What would be a safe pressure to blow out the short section of water line?
  16. I have to agree the site lacks search and book mark features resulting in a lot of repetitive questions and frustration on the part of current owners who prefer to discuss the latest mods they just performed, its interesting to see how ingenious owners of these trailers have become, but on the other hand how much did you know when you purchased your first travel trailer? I agree youtube can answer just about every question about RV life and provide product reviews on a broad number of RV must haves, but all of this can overwhelm a newbie! Understanding weight distribution and how it affects towing, what size TV will best fit my needs, understanding solar and battery power management, composting toilets are just some topics better left to google search and youtube! I have never owned a trailer or towed one but I feel confident reading topics from this site will always benefit my RV travels.
  17. Wow that says a lot about OTT commitment to customer satisfaction. I bet sending a mobile tech out wasn't cheap.
  18. Bill your probably correct and I will ask the orientation crew if the mind me using their bay, my reasoning for going to Walmarts was so I won't appear rude or disrespectful of their process and knowledge. Thanks Gary
  19. Thanks to everyone for your comments, I drive a 2019 F250 so there will be no Anderson WD hitch and I am thinking with a payload in the truck bed of about 1000 lbs at most, the psi on the door sticker should be fine Front 60 Rear 65, but a trip to a cat scale is in the plans to establish a base line weight distribution. John E Davies , do you have any TP recommendations for going off road ( dirt and gravel or rocky roads ) I ve never pulled a TT before but southern AZ is my next winters destination for the boon docking experience this coming winter?
  20. We will be picking up our trailer in late June. After doing a lot of research on the topic! I plan to leave OTT lot and drive over to Walmart parking lot where I will set the TP to 55 psi and install TPM system. Does anyone know what tire temperature range is normal at this psi setting. Thanks Gary
  21. Thanks for the links! The Fate unbound link was well written and logical so as soon as I can compile our daily amp use I should be able to determine how long the batteries will last, I will need a generator as a plan B but if its only occasional usage I am having reservations about spending $1100.
  22. I have just started looking at inverter generators and was wondering how often owners have needed to use them for charging batteries, run AC or electric appliances, Honda and Yamaha are the most popular but 2020 consumer reports recommends the DEWALT DXGNI2200 or RYOBI 2300. Having owned Honda cars and motorcycles I know they are very reliable and have good warranties but also command a premium price. The recommended models are $599 and $629 at the big box stores. Our camping style is dry camping at state and national parks and we plan to spend a winter in AZ in the future. The trailer we have on ordered will have solar and the 4 AGM batteries as well as the 2000 Watt inverter. Also for around the same price is a 200 Watt portable suitcase panel which may be an option. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.
  23. I am no expert but wouldn't it be more cost effective to remove the eye candy from your camp site and take it with you, so thieves have no reason to monitor your site and steal your possessions! Another thought is many popular you tubers say thieves won't make the effort to leave populated areas to hunt for victims to steal from! An oxygen/acetylene portable torch will burn through any small chain in less than 60 seconds, in reality if someone wants your stuff they will take it.
  24. I found this on line, Yamaha is in stock you may want to check it out. https://www.panthereast.com
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