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  1. Anyone have any idea what is (or could be) used to attach the inside “chrome” trim piece that covers the seam between the upper and lower inner hull? I tried 3m double-sided foam tape. It wasn’t thick enough, so tried a double layer of it, but as suspected it didn’t hold. The material originally used has some thickness to it and has great holding strength.
  2. Is the hull number part of the vin #? For example, the last 3 digits of the vin would indicate the hull number? Or are they completely unrelated?
  3. Anyone seen these pictures before? If so, do you know what happened to it (or have a guess)? It’s a 2015. The current owner states that the original owner hit or backed into something shortly after purchasing, damaging the AC, awning and some fiberglass. Another note I found references a rollover, but if that was the case it would have also damaged the solar panels and the vent pipe. The marks on the curb side appear to be road rash, but maybe rubbing against something while still upright?
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