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  1. We did not spec the KTT mattresses on our order but while waiting for build we found a beautiful fully equipped LEII Hull 428. She came equipped with the KTT twin set up and I love it! I can say I do sleep better on them than anywhere and it would be hard to not replace them now if I were ordering! They are heavy so the standard set up would be challenging.
  2. We plan to be there! Steve & Sylvia Cobb will have Hull #428 at site G-23
  3. WVCMS130AP Replacement Antenna - PXXHD0006301R here is the replacement antenna. Can be found on Amazon, worked perfectly.
  4. Very well done! May be steeling some ideas for Hull# 428. Curious about the panels on the overhead, I like the way they break up the look but wonder if there is a function I’m missing. Keep up the good work
  5. Thanks for input John, we are safely home but heading out Friday for a few days. I agree with you assessment and will call Jason tomorrow at Oliver. I feel sure it’s a simple fix I just don’t know the steps....yet!
  6. Our right brake, turn and flasher is out. Left works fine. TV plug checks good and TT connector is good. Hull #428 2019 , do led’s burn out? Does the trim ring on fixture pop off to check fixture or do you have to access through bunk locker? Any help appreciated,thanks.
  7. We will be arriving mid morning Thursday and leave Monday. Looking forward to meeting y’all! We are at site G-13, Steve &Sylvia.
  8. Good job, I’ve been considering doing a backsplash as well to add a little color and I like the look you have going there. Encouraging, may get me started!👍
  9. New “Ollie” owners, we adopted hull #428 on Valentine’s Day at the plant and excited to be attending the rally. We’re nearing retirement with great plans but this is our first RV so much to learn! Can’t wait to meet the “Family”,
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