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  1. We don’t have our Oliver yet; delivery is scheduled for December 7. Once you decide to purchase an Oliver and put down a deposit which secures a build date, you will be assigned a sales agent. First and foremost, meet with him/her in person or by phone and explain your camping expectations: where will your travels take you; long road trips or short outings; camping facilities; recreation; etc. Also share your budget and anticipated options. We did this when we ordered our Leisure Travel Van and were very successful with our choices. Getting input from Ollie owners is also a good way to “ta
  2. And, then, there's Bandon, OR . . . . . 6 Tesla stations and I've never seen one being used. I asked my hair dresser if there was a demand in the area; she said she has one client in town who owns a Tesla. I know of another about 25 miles away. So, unless there are a lot of Teslas traveling the Oregon coast on Hwy 101 that I'm not aware of, which I doubt, (probably 80% of the traffic is RVs), these chargers are overkill. The location puzzles me, as well. They are situated in the large parking area of a strip mall which is host to the usual vendors - a grocery store, drug/variety store, a
  3. I'm glad we have an "older" pickup - 2013 F-350 SD. It is equipped with a tow options - built-in brake controller, hill assist, HD alternator, power telescoping mirrors, and backup beeper (no camera). The beeper is automatically deactivated when a trailer is attached to the 7-pin connection. Aside from the onboard computer with steering wheel controls, there are few tech components, aside from the Ford Sync connection, which we don't use; There is no LCD display on the dash. It's nice to still have a little bit of control over your vehicle 😁
  4. I think this answers a question that's been nagging me: When running the generator, (not hooked up to shore power) if load exceeds the output of the generator, the additional draw will come from the batteries? The additional load will not trip the generator? How does the electrical system assign where each electrical flow is channeled - generator, batteries. Another question: Is all electrical input from the solar panels routed through the batteries and nothing draws directly from solar? Our previous solar controller was a "Go Power". The controller display had a USB plug. Sometime
  5. More research on Honda 2200i vs Yamaha 2200i: Honda is a lot quieter across all loads than the Yamaha, but the Yamaha is reported to be quieter at lesser load. Overall size, the Honda is smaller and lighter. Another feature I forgot to mention is that the Yamaha has a lighted control panel and it appears to have covered outlets. Other differences: engine size: Honda 121cc vs Yamaha 79cc. Can anyone comment on this? Seems like a big difference for similar output. I've yet to compare the Costco equivalent to these.
  6. Last week I tried to buy eggs at our local grocery store . . . . . nada . . . . zero . . . . the supplier of eggs for our store (the only store in town) had to evacuate, due to Oregon wildfires. Today I found eggs again, but now the shelves that are usually full of bottled water (I need distilled for making pickles) were bare. If you are travelling in the PNW, know that bottled water might be hard to find as it is being bought by the thousands of Oregonians still evacuated from their homes. First Covid creates a shortage of TP, sanitizers, bleach, flour, yeast . . . . . . . the list
  7. Thanks. Without a 30amp outlet, do you think there is room for a 20 to 30 amp adapter and the necessary (with the Progressive Industries onboard surge protector) neutral ground plug in the adjacent outlet? And what does it mean "Neutral Floating" (labeled above the 120v outlets? I think we will hold out for a bit, in hopes of the Yamaha becoming available. I might be sorry!
  8. Just received a Northern Tool catalog yesterday, with $20 off $100 or more/free shipping. However, when I look online, the Honda is unavailable for order online. Will look at Costco online. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone had any luck finding either a Honda or Yamaha 2200w inverter generator? These days they seem to be in the same category as toilet paper and disinfecting wipes 😷 We have a Powerhorse 3000 inverter generator that we use it at home for emergency power outages. We purchased it for use with our 5th-wheel, a few years back, but my husband wants something more portable and quieter to take along with our Oliver. Our preference is the Yamaha. It's a tiny bit louder than the Honda, but has a few features the Honda lacks - fuel gauge, 30 amp outlet, dual handles and a bit longer run t
  10. What a beautiful campground and a great campsite. I love the nighttime picture with the "yard" lit up. Perfect spot for kayaking!
  11. I expected weight was the reason Corian is not used in the Oliver. Also, the fact that Fibergranite counters can be made in-house. I just wish the latter had the durability of solid surface materials.
  12. I was referring to using a transfer pump to put antifreeze into the city water, fresh water, and black flush ports as mentioned by the OP, @topgun2. The "pump hose" I mention is the hose that attached the hand pump to the aforementioned ports, which would be the same as the threaded fitting on the end of a hose. However, the transfer hand pump pictured in the OP does not come with that fitting. This pump, however, does: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/camco--hand-pump-winterizing-kit--329179?recordNum=21 I agree . . . . just wanted others to know they can buy the whole w
  13. We are seriously considering the Bakflip MX4. Weight of either would depend on the make/model/length of your pickup bed. The Diamondback seems more robust; I'm sure it weighs more than the Bakflip. However, we don't especially care for any of the DB hatch configurations. IMO, the Bakflip is more versatile with the way it opens and more desirable since there is less of a need to remove the cover to carry large items in the bed. Both brands are rated at 400# load, If you need a higher load capacity you'd want to look at the DB HD cover which is rated for 1600#, but costs quite a bit more.
  14. Found this winterization transfer pump. It has the threaded fitting.
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