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  1. Thank you. I will do the math again. I may have to jettison a dog or my 😏 passenger
  2. The main reason for trading in my F250 6.4L for the Nissan Titan was that the Ford was getting up there in years (13yrs old) but not a lot of mileage (84K). It needed the fuel pump replaced (~$5000) and I was told it was going to turn into a money pit by a Ford diesel mechanic and others. Next to go out would be engine seals and so on - So I thought this Titan would be good comprise for my mostly flat land Elite 2 pulling and also I could use it for running around in without breaking the bank in fuel costs. So time will tell if I made the right decision - if not then I will trade the Titan for something bigger. I will keep you all posted.
  3. There is actually a class 4 hitch on this model but I am checking into getting an Andersen WDH also. I think the cargo weight should be under 1200lbs, (400lbs Oliver tongue weight plus 2 medium size people and 2 dogs 400lbs approx. and plus no more than 400lbs misc. stuff like coolers, lawn chairs etc. in the bed). I am going to be finding out in a months time when I go to Tennessee. I see no more than approx. 7000 miles of towing the Elite 2 with this Titan per year and mostly will be flat land towing. I live in N Texas and the non flat land will be when I go to Colorado in the summer.
  4. All, thanks for the advice. I just bought a 2022 Nissan Titan V8 at a local dealership. I will keep you all posted on how it does pulling my Elite2. I will be taking it to the Smokey Mtns, Tennessee from here in North Texas early October. I tried to upload a pic but it looks like there is a problem uploading.
  5. Thank you all for the good inputs. I am considering the pro and cons of keeping my F250 or buying a new F150. I still have to fix the fuel pump on the F250 regardless but I am leaning towards a new F150. I will keep you posted. Imelda
  6. A lot of things to consider here. You are right the $50K need to buy the lesser truck would buy a lot of diesel. My F250 6.4L truck pulls the trailer like its pulling nothing, It's a 2010 84K miles. This year I had some major repairs, brakes, coolant hoses and now fuel pump needs to be replaced. Up to now its been a great truck. And I would just like to have a new truck with lots of buttons and updates. There are no F250s or F350s available here in Texas so I was thinking F150 V8 would do the job but you are right - am I make a sensible decision or just frustrated at chasing down repairs. ..... still thinking
  7. Do I need an Andersen hitch with the F150? That was what was good about my F250, I didn't need it.
  8. Thank you Thank you. Are you going to need any weight distribution etc. added?
  9. Hi all, just wanted to hear if anyone out there is using a F150 V8 2WD to pull their Oliver. I am considering buying one of these F150 and not using my F250 6.4 L diesel to pull due to high diesel cost. Imelda
  10. Thank you - I try. Yes, you are right I didn't need to take the slats out to get the drawers out but I needed more access to under the sink to get the faucet out to replace it so I took them out. I should have put some super glue etc. per your suggestion on the screw holes on the slats to hold the drawers better in the long run. I may have to go back and do that in the future if they start flying out down the road. Oliver told me 55psi on the Cooper tires I have but we were looking at the wear on the tires (just under 13K miles) and we were thinking they were wearing not uniform so I am going to bump then up to 60psi for my next trip.
  11. I recently had to get all the drawers out under the sink so I could replace a leaking faucet. To get more access to under the sink I unscrewed the wooden slats that hold drawer latches. When I put them back on again after replacing the faucet, I had a hell of a time getting the middle drawer to latch even though I had marked where to put the slats back. So what I did was to take the middle drawer back out, take the wood slat with latch of again, then put the drawer back in so it was flush, aligned the slat with the latch latching the drawer and then screwed the slat back again so it was latching. So far so good. It's latching again. I would still like to replace the 2 lower drawer under the sink with cabinet doors but right now I have way to many projects going so I will put this on the back burner for now.
  12. Thank you for rotating the pics. Looks better now!
  13. I am going to follow this as my manual awning has the same problem. When I close it it is stays out about 2inches on the rear and I don't want to force it.
  14. Hi all. I had discussed my problem of very low water pressure at my shower faucet even with the faucet head removed on an earlier post. No issues at kitchen, outside faucet or toilet. I decided to share this on a separate post on how I fixed the problem since others might have this problem sometime. I bought the vinegar (see pic) at Home Depot and was planning on pumping it though the fresh water tank (bypassing the water heater) and decalcifying before my next trip. But meanwhile I had the idea of removing the faucet head, turn of water or pump and drain as much of the water out of the shower water line as I could. Then I took a syringe - see pic (no needle) and slowly over 1 hr. injected about 2 cups of the vinegar down the faucet hose (see pic) . Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection as the vinegar will burn. I hung the shower hose to the shower holder so I got max amount of vinegar down the hose. Pics need to be rotated 90 degrees. After 1 hr. I went back and turned on the water pump and water pressure is back to normal. 👍
  15. Thank you for the suggestions. When I remove the shower head, the flow is still low coming out from the shower hose. So I am thinking to pour the 100% vinegar or maybe CLR down the shower hose and see if that clears it up. My concern is that either the 100% vinegar or CLR might damage any rubber grommets in the shower hose or anywhere else it might get to. What do you think would the vinegar or CLR be safe to use? Imelda
  16. I was wondering if there are any filters back under the bathroom sink there that are blocked. it's odd that both the hot and cold water at the shower faucet have low pressure while the kitchen faucet (I just replaced it) and toilet are good. I replaced the dura facet shower head and with the white vinegar flush and soaked it in CLR - it is better but not great and I can likely live with it. I am going to start using the Camco water filter you recommended but I am not sure it will filter the high calcium we have here in N Texas. I may need to add a water softener. I will try a few more options before I remove the panel to get to under the bathroom sink. It seems I have had a lot of minor problems with my Oliver for only owning it for 2 years now. So far I have been able to fix them. Before I had a big horse trailer with living quarters that seemed to be a lot more durable. I guess it had to be well built to haul several thousand pounds of horses down the road. I had been told travel trailers are not that well built so that is why I choose Oliver. It interests me to fix problems. The Oliver service dept. are responsive when I ask for help but there are things I have pointed out to them that they can definitely improve on. The forum is great and I appreciate all the help.
  17. Thank you. I am learning a lot and this forum is very helpful. The pressure has improved some with the white vinegar flush but it's still not 100%. I thought this might be the way to access under the bathroom sink but it looks like a lot of work so I might try a few more things before I go this route.
  18. So an update to my problem on no clearance to get the street side jack head off. I finally broke down and cut a 1/2 inch of the fiberglass using a rotary cutter so I could get the head off. see pic below. I had no problem with getting the curb side jack head off. I wonder if anyone else has had to do this? All jacks are now greased.
  19. I would like to know to access the plumbing under the bathroom sink. Is there a post somewhere I missed describing how to? I am still chasing down my bathroom faucet low water pressure.
  20. John, good instructions. I am doing my rear jacks now so this is very helpful but I ran into a problem. On the street side rear jack there is not enough clearance of the fiber glass above to get the jack head off to grease it - see pic the curb side was good and I got it greased even thought it took using a cheater bar on the allen wrench to get the recessed screws loosened. They were so tight. Tongue jack was easy to do. Has anyone had this problem? It looked like they had a problem putting the jack on in the first place as there is a ding in the fiber glass. I don't think I can maneuver it out of there and I may have to take a rotary cutter and cut the fiber glass back by a small amount so I can get more clearance to get the top of the jack off to grease it. Imelda
  21. All, I would like to hear how this goes. I still have to repair mine. Imelda
  22. Wow, I have an update on the blocked Dura faucet shower head. I removed the anode from the water heater to flush it out. I run the water heater of propane since we mostly dry camp so I have not checked the anode in a while. When I took it out all this junk came out (even though it hasn't been used) and the anode was down to the wire. (see pics) I was really surprised - so this junk may be the source of my clogged shower head water. I am replacing the shower head so I will see if that fixes it. So now I have to jump on a water heater thread. My questions are: 1. If I am using just propane why did this anode perish? 2. Could I remove the anode and just have a drain plug and continue to use the propane? 3. How do I stop the rust forming around the drain plug seen on the pic?
  23. Thank you all, really good advice here - I will replace the dura faucet shower head, flush the water system with White vinegar ( by pass water heater of course) and invest in a quality water filter.
  24. All, thank you so much for the heads up so I guess I will need a jack and a bottle of "Jack" to complete the job>
  25. And of course a bottle of Jack would definitely improve the situation😀
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