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  1. No I am in SE VA and making a beeline for Hohenwald. Unless there is a blizzard warning it sounds like I would be fine without chains on Elite 1 and Ram 4x4. Heh. I don’t plan on going any further north than Hohenwald for delivery “week,” will make my way a bit south. Used to the 1-2” snows in states where they don’t know how to drive in snow (no offense intended to ANYONE, disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer), and usually let them clear the roads etc. in such places to avoid potential unplanned “vehicular social distancing violation-interactions” (heh, “acky-dents,” e.g.).
  2. Hi all, Saw the big thread on Snow Chains. Still wondering, if my Tow Vehicle is a Ram 1500 4x4, and I arrive (or try to) in Hohenwald in Jan 2021 to pick up Elite 1, and it either has snowed or will snow, should I have chains for the Elite 1? If so, link to which ones? For that matter, would I need chains on the Ram truck (Rebel with non-snow-tires that came with it)? I lived at 8000 ft in the mts once where it snowed a lot and often, and had a little (as in very small and light, base model, NON 4x4) Mazda B2000 pickup and used chains and got to where I could put ‘em on in my s
  3. Epic thread. Thread of the Year now because of “Shower Beers,” I think. Some day, somehow, someone will search “shower” and “beer” and find this thread and be all, “Whoa. Awesome forum.”
  4. Not sure on Anderson hitch yet. Rep says I can decide literally as I stand there on delivery day and they can accommodate. As of now not doing it. That can change, anytime, he says, without any hassle. "The appropriate drop or rise" has been the issue. I asked rep on phone. He said, yesterday, "3 to 4 inch." I have sent rep all the spec on my truck and its tow package. Def waiting before buying ANYTHING else. Thanks again for your help!
  5. I have a set of queen-full sheets and pillows and my dawg. And I will pop a celebratory adult beverage and breathe a huge sigh of relief and hope and things will get better. Been a helluva few years. I mean really a helluva few years. I wanna get back into writing (I used to be funny, to some anyway).
  6. Seriously, I have been overwhelmed a bit and unable to "focus" on what exactly I need to buy in advance and BRING with me to the delivery day of the Elite 1 in TN. As simple as I can get it, it appears I ONLY need to buy-in-advance, and bring with me, these things: 1. Chocks. How many of these do I BUY? Exactly how many. 2. Something called "leveling blocks." I have no idea what these do or how to use them (yet), waiting for Delivery Day explanations (which I will video using my phone). But the sales rep included a pic from Amazon (no LINK), so I don't know where these
  7. I think I'll stay put wherever they put me, good suggestion. I am arriving late as it is. I may not even be able to set up fully. I might be lucky just to get to the State Park and park and sleep in the truck. LOL
  8. Talked to my sales rep and the person who handles the David Crockett STATE PARK (not to be confused with the Davey Crocket CAMPGROUND, a whole other place in a whole other part of TN) is not in today, but will return Monday and is supposed to make my reservation for the delivery day NIGHT at the State Park (that comes with the Ollie purchase). Since I don't want to confuse things, I am gonna wait to call the State Park people and add my own "extra nights" (reserve) after I am sure the OTT person has made me a reservation at the State Park for the night of my delivery date. Thanks for the
  9. I might call tomorrow and see if I can get Site 81. I'm probably waaaay early (i.e., don't know if the OTT people have reserved a spot there for me yet or not), but that's how I roll. hah Always early. (There's a Joe Walsh song I always liked. called "Things." One of the lines is. "It's the best thing to be early so you have some time to wait." It's like Joe was in my head when he wrote that lyric I swear.)
  10. I just caught up on this thread! For some reason I'm not getting emails for all the responses. Probably a setting somewhere. Anyway, yes I always carry the dog's "papers" and such in the truck/car with me! And as it turns out we are just gonna stop halfway to Hohenwald at a Fairfield (dog is very used to hotels) and then get up super early and head to OTT for delivery day excitement. My rep loves dogs and said the dog is welcome in his office. I could not be more impressed with OTT thus far. Simply outstanding people. And all you guys here on the forums have been FABULOUSLY kind and patient an
  11. Yep def have the 4 holes, 100 mm per specs attached. I will share the specs etc and my way of "preferred" usage etc. with Jason. I've been looking at articulating wall mounts on Amazon, but in the finer print it will usually say something like "fits up to "25" "TVs/monitors." This is, of course a 38" and curved. Still hunting around on this. Thank you again! 817172088_CurvedMonitorManualOfficial.pdf My curved monitor spec sheet from mftr.pdf
  12. Thank you SOOO much! Beautiful photos, trailer, decor, and NOW I can really see stuff "in use" and imagine much better how it will actually be for MY particular set of needs. Cannot thank you enough for this! Have not called rep or svc mgr yet, trying to get a list of questions and be organized about it. But I think I better get on it soon if I want help from OTT in "customizing" (read: installing my ultrawide curved monitor up in the corner INSTEAD of the TV that comes with the 2020 Elite 1), as I don't want to wait 'til they already have my particular Ollie done and then have to try to accom
  13. Whoa, now we're cooking with fire! That's the kinda thing I need for this, OR try to cram the danged thing onto the side dinette somehow. I don't plan of having lavish parties in an Elite 1 and being concerned with where all the "guests" will sit, HAHAHA. I mean, Long as it doesn't stick way out into the center aisle. But I think it would not work on the 24" dinette, so it would have to be mounted as shown in these super helpful pics. Thank you!
  14. Wow! Thanks Bill! I will try to contact Jason tomorrow - and my sales rep who is SO nice and busy busy busy so I hate to bother him but I will start with him and see if he can hook me up with Jason as you said! I can easily send them a PDF with the specs for the big curved monitor. That would be SO cool to have that mounted where the TV is and have it all “work.” I’m not super savvy re: TV/audio coax and all that. More a general web dev dork. I don’t see any pre-existing “mounting spot” on the back of Big Curved Monitor. It sits on a height-adjustable stand on my big desk. Which obviously I wo
  15. Hoping I can get something done on delivery day. Dream on?
  16. Thanks ALL. And mainly for not thinking this is insane. Heh. 🙂
  17. Honestly I have had a little trouble FINDING pics of the Elite 1 (2021) interior. On the OTT site they have tons of slides of Ollies but I notice now that they are often of the II (extra cabinets under the sink-stove area that Elite 1 doesn’t have, etc.) so I am never quite sure what EXACTLY some of the interior things in 2021 Elite 1 will actually look like. And nope, I’ve never been to see an Ollie of any kind in person so I am flying extra blind here in some ways. Ah well. I am excited and will figure out ways to make things work.
  18. I will ask the rep about this stuff, and hope he can give me some ideas. Thanks!
  19. Thank you SO much for the info. 24x24 would be a stretch. I like the mount idea a lot, and they make great things for that exact purpose as you know. Yes at home I use the monitor to stream stuff, actually gonna be getting rid of my “Actual 40-inch smart TV.” Weighs 20 lbs! Ack, but I think it can be mounted somehow. Here, I cut and pasted way more info than anyone needs on this monitor: Description The LG 38UC99 UltraWide 21:9 curved monitor is the ultimate large screen monitor for work and for play. The graceful curve of the he world's first
  20. OMG thank you SO much for this! I was really agonizing. It’s a geek thing. Heh. I will make it work. I don’t care if a “guest” comes in; they’ll just have to move around the monitor. Haha. Thank you again!
  21. I know, weird question, but for you Elite 1 owners: I use a MacBook Pro but I connect it to a large curved desktop monitor — a 38-incher — yep — and I love it and use it for what I do. Love as in “I will do whatever I have to in order to keep it, yes, even in the Elite 1, if at all possible, and I don’t care how much ‘counterspace” it uses long as I can plug that puppy in” — that level of love. Heh. I know this sounds insane to some (all?). But can anyone with a late model Elite 1 (standard floor plan) tell me the various counter dimensions of the table spaces in the Elite 1? C
  22. I will def ask rep re: dog. He’s a well-mannered sort, if that matters. I used to train dogs and worked for a couple vets. He has some “certifications” and papers and official stuff, but I rarely use anything to take him where he isn’t “wanted” or make anyone who isn’t a dog person uncomfortable in any way. I try to be a considerate dog owner. (Of course he owns ME, but that’s a conversation for another day. Ha.)
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