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  1. I appreciate everyone who has chimed in here. I believe for now I will still include the receiver in my build configuration but many of your comments have given me some food for thought! Carl
  2. Wow Paul! That is a very elegant solution. I don’t have fabrication skills but it is great to see what can be done. Nice work! Carl
  3. Thank you for the details. This will help us decide what direction to go! Here’s wishing many nights of good sleep and great dreams! Carl
  4. Yikes! I’m not planning on using the pivot on the trailer but I didn’t realize the NV 2 was not RV compatible. OK, plan B.
  5. Greetings! Do you have the rear bumper receiver? How do you use it? Can you comment on the quality and durability of the receiver? Is it well built and solid construction? We love cycling, so we plan on using the rear receiver for our bikes. Depending on our destination, we will take either our mountain bikes or our road bikes. We have NV 2.0 Kuat hitch rack and will need to use a adapter since our rack is the 2" model. We also have the Kuat Pivot v2 that we use to swing the bikes 90 degrees to access the back of the Gladiator. I don't think there is a need for the Pivot with
  6. I have been considering the very same product. I’m glad to hear you love yours. Do you sleep directly on the trailer cushions with the quilt over top, our do you use a layer underneath you?
  7. Thanks for the info! I appreciate you taking the time! Carl
  8. I’m considering purchasing one of these tongue weight scales. I think it will take some of the guesswork out of the equation. Does anyone on the forum use this scale? Carl https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-Tools-pt-Tongue_Weight_Scale.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAiAsaOBBhA4EiwAo0_AnBUPfGgzN1DKXwoSMpSCuw1NqCmGunjpQEKoJsPb2Rla5ZUafUMEMhoCXVoQAvD_BwE
  9. This is excellent news!!! What a great endorsement of the Lithionics brand! carl
  10. We are planning to use sleeping bags on top of sleeping pads for our bed arrangement. In an Elite I, we don't think leaving the bed made up with sheets makes sense for us. We need all the space we can for cooking/eating and independent work projects. Sharing the small dinette table doesn't seem feasible. So we anticipate quickly packing away sleeping bags and pads every morning to have more usable space. Of course the Elite I does not have much storage room for such things, so I am thinking these will be stored in a bin in the back of the truck. What has your experience been? What h
  11. For those of us that are not familiar with the Lithium battery package, can you give us some insight into this package? Do the batteries have their own battery management system? What can you monitor from your phone? Temperature, charge, etc? Thanks, Carl
  12. I have found the same. The low setting is more that adequate even for warming a tent early mornings in the great outdoors.
  13. I like the idea of multiple temperature sensors. It's a clever idea to put on behind the spare and one in the propane tanks. I will definitely consider that. We have a Mister Buddy Heater and love it. We use it for tent camping to take the chill off those brisk mountain mornings. Mister Heater now has a new omni-directional heater called the Flex. It looks interesting. The Flex is 11,000 BTUs vs. the Buddy at 9,000 BTU. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Heater-MH11BFLEX-Portable-Propane/dp/B088ZXN7DH/ref=pd_lpo_201_t_0/137-7815592-6244265?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B088ZXN7DH&pd
  14. That is a great suggestion. Once we get the trailer, I will look closely at the layout and see what options we have. I like the idea where you are using the electric heater as a supplement to the furnace. I also like the remote temperature sensors to help me learn about the distribution of the ambient heat. As always, this forum is always the best. Thanks for the time you take to help others out! Carl
  15. Another great suggestion. Vornado looks to be a common brand you guys really like. I will seriously consider it. Carl
  16. Thanks for the pics! Your suggestion looks like a good one! Carl
  17. Which model do you use? I have been considering the Vornado line of products.
  18. Ray and Susan, This is great information! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm sorry your heater died. I have been looking around for an appropriate electric heater. There are so many to choose from. As I read the reviews of the various models, there doesn't seem to be any one that everyone is happy about. Have you taken your trailer out since you got home or have you put it to bed for the winter? We plan on following I-40 home ourselves to visit Joshua Tree NP and then turn North to visit family and head for home. Carl
  19. Great suggestion! I went on the Jeep Gladiator forum and they reference a Jeep bulletin that stated normal voltage could be between 12.4 and 14.5 volts. [The alternator] is considered a demand based smart charging system. Voltage will go up and down as required with the demand placed on it. There is nothing in the owner's manual that gives any detail.
  20. Greetings! Some of you have shared the benefits of using a small electric heater when camping in colder climates and connected to shore power. It really makes sense that an electric heater will minimize propane usage. Although we will not be full-timers, I do plan on using our Elite 1 year round, even during the winter since we are avid skiers. My question is when using the electric heater in colder conditions, is the ambient heat from an electric heater inside the trailer enough to keep the tanks and plumbing from freezing? I have heard of some using an electric heater during the
  21. My tow vehicle is a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon with a 240 Amp alternator. It has a 7,000 lb towing capacity. We are including the Lithium Pro package in our Elite I in our build later this year. I have been reading some articles lately about the demand of charging lithium batteries puts on your tow vehicle alternator as you travel. Some article reference the ability for lithium batteries to draw so much power that they can overheat and "cook" your alternator. Some suggest as a remedy a DC to DC charging system to "throttle" your alternator to reduce charging demand and protect your altern
  22. I don’t take delivery on my trailer until later in the year but I would love to come and meet the future family. Count me in! Carl
  23. Welcome to the Oliver family! I too am playing the delivery waiting game. Our delivery is in late October. The suggestions made in this thread are all excellent. May I also endorse both the Oliver University and studying the content of this forum. The people and expertise here are excellent! Enjoy the journey! Carl
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