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  1. Thanks! Yes we were at the rally and got home yesterday.
  2. Has anyone purchased the new HONDA 3200i that has a Truma AC unit? It is rated at 3200 surge and 2800 continuous power. Will it run the AC?
  3. Requested pictures with gear. I may take John's idea about a cargo net for travel day.
  4. The closet is a tight fit to work in for sure.
  5. YES, i cut the 2 sides a little long on purpose. then sanded them down till I had about 1/8" clearance. Used 1/4" rubber window roll insulation and forced it into the 1/8 " space. It AIN'T going nowhere!!
  6. Building Process: First I created a template of the floor with a piece of poster paper. I used 5/8 inch plywood to then produce a base piece. I then made two side pieces to go against the two straight walls (shelving board)...(first shelf is 12 1/2 inches tall from the base) They were attached to the base with an additional strip of wood. Nothing is screwed to the camper...I used a strip of window insulation around the edge of the curved surface to eliminate any rubbing against the fiberglass. I then used a piece of cardboard to create a template for the first shelf. I repeated the process with shelf 2. After completing the unit i unscrewed all parts, removed from closet and painted with gloss white paint. Then re-assembled the entire shelf. The post in the middle of each shelf is placed toward the back of the middle of the shelf for additional support.
  7. We do not bring but a few clothes that need to hang. We felt like we were losing so much storage area. I built shelves to fill the lower area of the closet. That curve is a bugger to work with. Shelves have a 4" lip in the front to help hold the gear. They are not perfect but work well.
  8. We will be there again this May. Coach and JoJo (Steve, Jo'el, and Layla) Site F05
  9. I contacted Truma.....They told me they are not doing installs on Olivers from now going forward since Oliver Service Center is now doing install upgrades.
  10. I have one on order for my 2019 Toyota Tundra....Arrives Jan. 3rd.............Sold my Paragon cover and replacing with the Diamondback
  11. I was watching an Oliver maintenance video by Jason. He mentioned a list of all lubricants and sealers used on the Oliver....I cannot seem to find . Anyone know?
  12. THANKS! I got one on order. Will receive next week!
  13. I have an adapter that i got from Honda....I do not know if it is a bonding plug.....I will do some research! THANKS!
  14. I went to my covered storage facility last week and took my Honda 2200i generator to charge up my AG batteries. I noticed the Surge protector showed an Error code 9. Everything was working, including my batteries charged back to full. Any thoughts?
  15. Is anyone using an external surge protector? I have one from my previous camper. I tried it and my Ollie was getting NO POWER! Any Ideas?
  16. I run tires at 60 lbs. The major cause was the zip tie was not tight. The plug is located in a wooden service panel under the bottom drawer...VERY EASY ACCESS
  17. PLUG had worked loose due to zip tie slipping off the plug. It had not been pulled tight. I have a 2022 Elite II. The plug is located under the wooden service panel on the bottom drawer. It is not located behind the drawers but under the drawers!
  18. Setting up camp in Ouray, Colorado tomorrow...I will check the plug and breaker.
  19. Thanks for the info! I do have 2 ice chest in mt truck for back up.
  20. How do I access the Norcold power cord? Remove the drawers?
  21. Is the fuse panel under the twin bed on curb side?
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