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  1. Has anyone installed a Tongue Box on their Oliver? I did not get the basket option. I would like to get a small box to store leveling blocks, etc. that I can lock. I have looked some on -line that are aluminum.......Any recommendations on a box and the install process
  2. Does anyone have Tire Minder monitoring system hooked up on your Ollie? If so, where did you install the Repeater booster for the signal? Looking for advice...
  3. Thanks for the Congrats.....Proud to be an OLLIE owner.
  4. WE have 1:00 pm delivery / walk-thru
  5. Looking for recommendation on RV monitoring system for pets.. (We have a medium size Lab Mix) Marcell, Waggle
  6. What do you use to level your Ollie? Anderson Levelers, the big Lego squares, wood, rubber strips,
  7. Does anyone know if you can add basic options at delivery with the service department....(key fob door lock, possible aluminum basket)
  8. We will be taking delivery of our Elite II on December 27.....1 week from tomorrow!!!! Been a long 11 month wait....But it is finally here. Merry Christmas to all OLLIE owners!
  9. Our delivery was originally December 5, It was then moved up to November 22. 2 weeks ago it was moved to December 27. I hope that is solid!
  10. I cable locked mine to the pedestal as well.
  11. I have an External Surge Protector that I bought not long ago for the camper we sold when we ordered our Ollie. Does anybody use one for Redundancy ? Just wondering?
  12. Congrats!!!! We pick our Ollie up in a month......Can Not Wait!!!!
  13. We are picking up our Ollie for Christmas,,,DEC. 27
  14. Mike, I graduated from Starkville HS (1972) MSU (1976) Played Football and ran Track
  15. I grew up in Starkville. Taking delivery of our Oliver E2 in December.....Can't wait! HAIL STATE!
  16. Mississippi has many great campgrounds: Also check out Pat Harrison Waterway District Campgrounds in South Mississippi and Corps of Engineers Parks in North Mississippi
  17. Mississippi- (1) Tishomingo State Park (Northeast corner of the state) (2) Roosevelt State Park (Morton I-20) (3) Clear Springs West of I-55 on Hwy 84 west of Meadville,MS
  18. I will keep my 2019 Tundra limited! That new front end does not do anything for me. Dodge Like frontend
  19. I did not pay attention to the ducted issue................thanks That's why I ask......Get the real skinny from the Pros
  20. Has anyone installed the "RV Airflow System" on your Ollie? I watched a You Tube Video posted by the RV traveling couple "Changing Lanes" This System improves the air flow from the intake and outflow of the AC by using a styrofoam insert. Testing showed 40% more efficiency! Looks like an easy install process. (Grand Design now installs the system on all new TT coming from the factory)
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