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  1. SeaDawg, Thank you for sharing your experience with Chris and Cherie. I look to them as mobile tech innovation leaders. I have learned so much from their videos. More than I can ever hope to put to good use. I followed them from their vintage bus to their ocean going boat and recently consulted their site for mobile internet access advise. They have been an influence on me and are a great resource for the RV community. Zach
  2. Greetings Oliver Forum readers! When our children were young we towed our pop-up camper on weekend adventures to nearby Southern California beaches and mountain parks. Now that our children are on their own and retirement is looming we are preparing for a new adventure as full timers. We completed the first step last week when we ordered an OTT. It was an easy decision since we were introduced to OTTs by Chris and Cherie of Technomadia years ago. When they were struggling with RV issues they offer mentioned how dependable their Elite I was during their early years as full timers. Recent OTT reviews confirmed their experience was still relevant. So we did a walk though with a local Oliver Ambassador and committed. We are excited to listen (read) and learn from all of the amazing resources on the Oliver Forum. Oliver Elite II, Delivery July 1, 2022 Tow vehicle TBD? Zach and Margaret
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