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  1. Is the price sheet online, or do you have to request that from Oliver Corp.? Dave
  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I like the bigger sink change. Dave
  3. Yeah...it's killing me.
  4. I think I'd feel pretty good if my basket had an F150 and Oliver in it for $100,000. But, you are talking some serious money there. Is anybody else checking the website about three times an hour? Dave
  5. Why, because it's now time to pull the trigger? =^) Dave
  6. No doubt they are rolling their eyes, thinking, "Hold your horses."
  7. Looks like a webpage transition phase. I can't wait to see what changes are in store... Dave
  8. Beautiful! Was your turtle an Oliver inhouse project? Dave
  9. So, I am gathering that towing "out west" with the Frontier is putting it too far towards its limits. Not enough power for steep or long grades? That's where I live...
  10. That's good to hear. I am lacking a supercharger! Dave
  11. It looks clear that an available upgrade would be well worth the cost. Dave
  12. I too would welcome quiet options, if or when, I order an Oliver.
  13. Thank you, Pam I would absolutely drive to the Oliver Mothership for pick up and training. I'm just wondering about how things work when the enviable glitches occur. -Dave
  14. Newbie question here. I'm considering a future Oliver purchase. One thing that concerns me is warranty and service issues for a product such as Oliver that is "stand alone." I'm a resident of the west, and Tennessee is a long way away is something goes amiss. Does Oliver authorize any service from other establishments? Any comments or experience would be appreciated. -Dave
  15. Sorry to read this! What a mess. Keep us updated.
  16. I heard they are offering a composting toilet. This would interest me as an add on. Is this an "April Fools?"
  17. Although the placement of the tanks looks superb - protected, low to the frame - what happens if one fails, or needs service? Just wonderin'
  18. All good features, for sure - some of those are standard on the Expeditions. The 3.5 Ecoboost; it appears to be the current "gold standard," doesn't it?
  19. As noted on another forum, "Trailer Life" April edition featured a Toyota Tacoma towing an Elite II. Toyota lists specs slightly more optimistic than my Nissan, but the comparison is close. Both are pushing the limits to the edge. As a side note, I started looking into the F150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost engine - very capable. Then, I started measuring my garage and found that that truck, would have to be shoe-horned in. LAME. I am now considering the Ford Expedition - featuring that capable 3.5, 9000 lb. towing capacity, and a lockable gear stash. At a svelte 206 inches, my days of hauling landscaping rocks and mulch might be over. Any observations on the Expedition? Dave
  20. I too want some headroom; pushing up against limits is nowhere to operate on a daily basis.
  21. Thanks, Buzzy. I'll do my homework. Dave
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