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  1. Since it is time to de-winterize my LE2, I went online searching for the best way to repair any roof seals that I would find in need of repair. Here is a link to a Camping World page that has several videos that may help anyone who has questions on repairing the seals on a fiberglass roof using Dicor products. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/dicor-self-leveling-lap-sealant-white/32125
  2. I recently had my LE2 wheel bearings repacked by a local RV repair shop. The technician let me know that while the bearings and seals were in great shape, the grease itself was beginning to turn black. My LE2 had slightly less than 6k miles of use - all from 2016, when they were repacked. For those folks who are recent Ollie owners, Oliver's recommendation to repack every 6k seems very solid.
  3. Have a good trip to Yosemite. I hear they had a lot of snow there this winter.
  4. Great minds think alike. This past winter season I used four of the Andersen levelers, one under each tire while the Ollie was in secured storage, for two reasons. The first was that the rounded levelers would help prevent flat spots developing on the tires. Second, I wanted to keep the tires off the gravel, not knowing what chemicals would leach from the soil over the course of the winter months. I also used wheel covers to reduce the UV effects on the tires. I recently took the Ollie out of storage for some upcoming maintenance and found the tires to be in excellent condition despite sitting there for over six months. When camping last year, I only used two of the Andersen levelers for whichever side required their use. They were my main leveling aids. The Ollie rear jacks were only used for fine-tuning the leveling bubble in conjunction with the front jack. Hans Fischl
  5. Gary, I started out pulling Hull 138 with a 2014 Suburban 4x4. My trip to Moab, UT last spring was a real eye opener, especially trying to make it over those mountain passes along I-70. Since then I had a bad case of truck envy. I finally pulled the plug last month and traded in the Suburban for the 2500HD Duramax. Haven't pulled anything with it yet - still waiting to get some new miles on it first. I took it out for a spin from Denver to Breckenridge last weekend. It was everything the Suburban wasn't, especially going downhill using the diesel brake exhaust with the trailer towing setting engaged. I set the downhill auto speed to 60 leaving Eisenhower Tunnel and it deviated by only 2 mph from that setting the whole trip down. My type of speed control! Hans
  6. John, I remember Dana from her contributions to Alaska Magazine. They were a good read. Thanks for the links.
  7. I saw the LoLoHo video on the costs of going up there and back. Granted they started out in Alabama, but the costs seem to be pretty high especially of you have breakdowns like they did. The costs seem to be on par with taking a cruise one-way. Not bad considering that this trip can last a couple of months. Maybe once in a lifetime but it still seems worth it. I anticipate the planning will be a huge part of this. Hans
  8. Gary & Jona, how did you your 2500 Diesel handle the trip?
  9. Steve and Tali, I would be interested to know how the bra comes out. Sounds like a great way to protect the camper on the gravel sections.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do.
  11. Anyone looking ahead to next summer for an Alaska trip - doing either the Alcan, by ferry, or both? Would be interested to know if other Ollie owners are thinking of heading up in 2018. Would also be interested in hearing about previous Alaska trip experiences in your Oliver trailer.
  12. Jason, The important thing is that you are in the loop and thanks for your efforts in trying to find a solution.
  13. The problem with the gaskets is definitely not salty air. I live in Colorado and we don't get much of that up here. My gaskets started to 'bleed' black back last May, one month after picking up the 2016 trailer from Hohenwald. This was in Moab, UT after a night of heavy rain. I have been able to remove the black streaks through normal washing so while I wasn't overly concerned about it then, I am concerned now. Yesterday I paid a visit to my trailer in winter storage and found that the black streaks were present again. This is in the Denver area. We haven't had much precip all winter and the trailer went into storage with the outside washed and waxed with Meguiar's Premium products. The gaskets are definitely deteriorating. Until Oliver comes up with a fix, I would be interested in some of your temporary measures (silicone sealer of some type, maybe?) Hans Fischl
  14. I had the same problem with my Andersen. Very loud and embarrassing when towing a new trailer - mine is 3 months old. Called Andersen and they told me the problem is water getting into the brake lining between the ball and hitch. They have a new replacement with an updated construction. The replacement is now, according to them, a "graphite impregnated, high-density poly-ethylene (HDPE)" compound. I recently installed this replacement and am once again proud to be towing an ollie.
  15. Visited the showroom last Thursday with my son and we had some of Anita's great soup. She took us on the factory tour - very impressive assembly line in terms of quality of workmanship, materials used, and the layout in general. Anita told us that the Oli will be featured on the cover of an upcoming Trailer Life. Glad I placed my order when I did. Looking forward to being part of the Oliver family.
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