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  1. There are lots of good mapping programs out there these days... but still free, Google Maps and Google Earth along with Bing Maps always see me clearly and as a miner, I use them daily just for ease and quickness of use... I just don't see the need for another mapping program, but I have used many different good programs and apps. Another good free site is landmatters - http://www.mylandmatters.org Take the time and see all of the benefits of this site, learn their uses and enjoy them! http://www.mylandmatters.org/3D/RH2.html Reed
  2. No smiles alowed on this page now... Lol, I always liked the little smiley faces better then the x's myself but it works. So when you see an :) know that there is a smile here... Lol.
  3. Yup, Anita told me the same thing and I laughed then because I'm proactive myself and fix the problems while either filming the fix or taking pictures when needed. Oliver is waiting for us to film our exterior light fixture fix and that will come next month hopefully. It needs to be done in hot weather above 73° This jack thread has been hashed out over and over and some of you guys make to much of a big deal out of the simple things. They are called JACKS for a reason. And Oliver has used these "Screw Jacks" since the beginning. Karen and I are embarking on a new future here in Arizona now, and we will be here in Stanton for atleast a year. We thought about buying a larger trailer since we live full time in our Olli and started looking again, but there are no other trailers that even come close in comparrison to the quality that we love in our Oliver's. No other quality trailers provide electric jacks all around. Use some common sense, use either the jacks or jacks and blocks when needed. You have the best trailer that money can buy, so deal with it and quit sweating the small stuff. Jacking up a tire is simple highschool learning and if you can't figure it out, go back and take the beginning drivers education class again... :) Reed
  4. Or just add a touch more oil to it and don't worry about it, that's what I've done. Just tilt it a bit, top it off, and no worries. Reed
  5. Wow!!! Did you dig off the roof or do you leave the heat on? It looks great :-)
  6. I use a 100watt Renogy Solar Suitcase connected directly to the battery for the NEEDED extra Solar all of the time when stopped... It makes a huge difference and keeps us charged up. I do have it padlocked to either the tongue or a wheel, leaf spring at all times. It's an added step for set up, but needed with the Zamp... The battery door is just open for the pic. I close and lock the battery door with the cord coming out the side. Reed
  7. Oliver doesn't have a 25' trailer... But other then size, being yours is bigger, most larger trailers have a hard time making it into the places that we are willing to go with our Oliver's because you guys either don't have the ground clearance or have pipes, etc hanging down under the trailer. We almost bought a 25FB... It was that close in the beginning, but we went with Oliver because it's a true 4 season camper and short enough to fit in any National Park campground. The 25FB was really nice inside but the extra width makes it tougher off-road and the extra length took it out of the parks that we like to go boondocking in. We've crossed boulder packed streams in ours with no problems and with it being only 6000lbs loaded our way, getting stuck in the middle of the creek was never an issue with the shallow water. You could also look at 25' Bigfoot owners trailers if you would like a closer trailer comparison to yours. Reed
  8. Did you guys request that they put the safety chains on the front instead of the cables? Or is this another new factory mod? Yours does look much safer the way that they are hooked back in the A-frame. Here's the style they did on ours - cables... Reed
  9. They're designed to be able to crack open the window when it's raining, while keeping the rain out :) If you find some, there's plenty of people that will buy them.
  10. My tires when I picked it up were inflated to an average of 78psi and personally I think that this had a lot to do with the drawers falling out and things getting broken. We're living in Arizona now and driving more on dirt then on pavement, so I have them set at 52psi and haven't had an issue here in the Winter. So one important item to add to your pick up day check lists should be to set the tire pressures all the way around. Just be sure to pick a pressure that matches your driving style, time of year, and destination. I've thought about lowering mine down to 35lbs for the dirt road that we live on, but we are here for another week and getting ready to head to Quartzite for the Rally. This time of year, 52psi will work for me. Reed
  11. </span> That was October.... Nobody at Oliver could come back to this day, with an answer as to where it goes after it disappears inside the bathroom vanity and our fix works fine, so I haven't worried about it. Run down your trailer batteries, run the inverter and microwave for a while or whatever. Get it down to 12.3+- then plug it in to your truck, the SeeLevel monitor should jump up to 13.8+- immediately while charging from the truck and this will let you know if you have a bad ground. Do it in the evening so the solar doesn't get involved. If it has a bad ground, the tow ready will help it register but it doesn't fix the problem and the trailer will still not be charging from the truck like it should. Grounding the 7 pin to the frame is easy, supposedly Oliver had fixed it but... The disconnect issue is isolated to Ford trucks and that thread is really thorough!
  12. +1 change out the tires every 5 years is the norm... We did this on our Casita, single axle, because who wants to wait for a blow out!
  13. It was the rats running around down there that got me.... Poop everywhere... I hate rats Just kidding :)
  14. It doesn't take much on concrete, you can roll it by hand or a 2x4 for a fulcrum. Pull off the plate and... https://www.amazon.com/Curt-Manufacturing-28276-CURT-Caster/dp/B0050NGB6O/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1516584317&sr=8-5&keywords=Rv+tongue+wheel
  15. We bought the Truma for its Winter Mode and haven't had a problem down to 12°f so far over night.
  16. It sure looks beautiful :) You will really enjoy having the 4 season ability. Be sure to leave the water heater on at night when the temps are low :)
  17. Honestly, I think that Oliver should just go with the Dometic as they have with so many other items... https://www.dometic.com/en-us/us/products/climate/awnings/awnings-roof-mounted EDIT: with apologies to Reed and Karen - from Scubarx Above link is DOA try this one: https://www.dometic.com/en-us/us/products/climate/awnings
  18. The one thing is that because the gauge is on the outside, you don't want to put any grease or slime down the gray tank because if the inside gets coated, the gauge readings will be inaccurate to the point of saying it's full all of the time. There are chemicals that you can buy to clean the inside of the gray tank, but it takes hot water and time to degrease.
  19. If you only have one night, then have them winterize it with you and be done with no worries. But... if you have more time, plan to spend a few days in the area at Fall Hollow campground and this will give you the time needed to get acquainted with your new trailer and also time to get anything that needs to be fixed, taken care of. We were there for 5 days and they were in touch with us all the way thru, making sure that we understood everything. They will drive you over to the campground and hook everything up with you for your stay. Take the time needed and read the manual! Also read some posts in the Delivery Day Photos section to see how it went for others, if you read ours, there's a lot of info packed in from before a lot of big changes were made this year to the newer trailers like yours. Reed
  20. Or you can turn the tank upside down and smack the top into the ground to get a stuck float valve working again, usually.
  21. 1. Yes, even the 2000i will run it without the easy start. But it does max out the generator on start up for a few seconds. The easy start quiets down everything and can be ordered from Oliver or there is a thread on here. 2. Here's the link - https://www.microair.net/collections/easystart-soft-starters/products/easystart-364-3-ton-single-phase-soft-starter-for-air-conditioners?variant=30176048267 I bought the easy start because my old 2000i is 15 years old now. It starts and runs the a/c fine on its own but when ran maxed out, it's loud, so the easy start cuts it back to about 3/4 throttle on the a/c compressor start up. Technically, the easy start isn't needed but it sure makes everything run so smooth... The Micro-Air Easy Start shouldn't be an option, it should be standard because it's flat out great! I love my old Honda 2000i, it has thousands of hours on it, it's easy to work on, and if you run Mobile 1 Synthetic oil in it, it will last decades! Here's a link to the specs - http://m.powerequipment.honda.com/generators/models/eu2000i The reason that I wouldn't buy the Yamaha, is the difference in weight... At 45lbs, I can pick up the Honda easily with one hand and carry it to wherever it's needed easily by myself. Anything bigger, isn't needed... I'm not going by things I've read online... I'm going by actual hands on experience with my Honda over the last 15 years of running my house on it for over 30 days when the power goes out in the winter many times, to running my old 32' Pace Arrow motor home on it all day long for the a/c in the summer. When set to Eco mode, it runs for 8+ hours on less than a gallon of gas, it charges or tops off my 4 batteries in our Elite II in about 20 minutes. Reed
  22. You need to have the 2016 owners manual also, that's what makes it complete... At least for me anyway. There's links to both online manuals in .pdf format on our Oliver Owners Face Book page. Both the front and rear jacks are the same. The only difference in the front is they put the plastic head cover over it that holds the light and the switch being that it's completely outside. Once you pull that off, it's the same as the rear jacks. Hey! A couple fuses was it! you're lucky :) My intermittent problem will be fixed some day... Lol. Here's the jack pages for future reference. I do agree with the 2017 manual being incomplete, but I won't go on about Oliver's corner cutting for increased profit margins on the 2017's here, these files are from the 2016 manual. They have the same interior design but the head cover of the front jack has been changed since then and needs to be pulled for access. Reed
  23. I've only had intermittent problem with the front jack, but when I plug the trailer into the truck, the power has returned to the jack. My thinking is that they have a low voltage cut out or limiter built in that could be lowered a lot more by the company. Try hooking up and plugging in the 7 pin to your TV just for future reference to see if it works. There are some bad ground issues also with some trailers, Oliver never got back with me on where exactly our main cable enters under the bathroom vanity, but the ground wire that I added to the frame has cleared up our charging problems. I would also run a voltage check from the jack fuses to the jack and then up to the switches at the front of the trailer. I had power to the jack, but then it died inside, which is where the limiter idea comes in. My SeeLevel read 12.1 when the front jack wouldn't work and I'm still waiting for the next time for the next set of tests... Reed
  24. Count the watts and go from there... On a 2000i you will only be able to run one at a time.
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