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Whoa.... Oliver Trailers need ONE important part for traveling!

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It is a wonderful moment to pick up your Elite or Elite II.  You attach your tow vehicle to your new trailer and have to look into the rear view mirror to make certain this is... not a dream.


But, as a Boondocker my Airstream needs some protection from the... nastier elements of owning a trailer when not on concrete or asphalt roads.


Gravel and Sand tossed up from your rear tires.


Many new trailer owners also found a tow vehicle to replace a vehicle that lacked the power and cargo capability to tow.  Your Oliver Elite II weighs more than my old 23 foot Airstream!  The new tow vehicle also has new and deep tread, that picks up rock, mud and sand and by design... toss it all to the rear.


Drive behind a pickup truck or an 18 wheeler... and what was your first reaction?  Whoa... back off and let this rock and grit kicker get way, way... ahead.  Gone is better.  Your tow vehicle is also tossing debris back into your new shiny fiberglass trailer.  On both my 23 foot and current 25 foot Airstream... the dents prove how effective my 'Rock Guards' are protecting my trailer's body.  I also have plastic framed tinted guards to protect the large flat window and two curved windows from being broken, by road debris.


My 23 footer had a big 'star fracture' in the plastic protecting the large center window,  no doubt from a stone being tossed over my tow vehicle.  THIS stone would have easily broken my tempered glass window, had I not the protection.  I do not know if insurance would repair 'star cracks' in my case, but probably would.  Oliver does not have any windows exposed to rock debris in front... which is also a good design to take into consideration!


I do not know if Oliver offers 'Rock Guards' for the sides as optional equipment... but you may want to take a look at your fiber glass finish after reading this post.  At least if you get 'fiber glass star fractures' on a pair of rock guards, like Corvettes do from impacts of stones, they can be removed when you find that the future holds a NEW 25+ foot Oliver Elite III is your next Home on Wheels.


I have not had any rock debris hit my Propane Cover which is placed like the Oliver's.


I have had stray stones hit the top curved front section leaving dings... but you cannot protect your perfect trailer with a huge cocoon covering, either.


We want our trailer to look nice forever.  Having 'Rock Guards' is a great investment.  Maybe Oliver will have those available in the near future, if not already.  It is a smart investment.  Had you seen the Rock Guards on my 2006 Airstream after eight years... you will understand why I purchased a spare set of rock guards.  Once you are on any road... loose mufflers, bolts, rocks, tire debris and an occasional Moose could impact your and my trailer.

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I don't know if you've seen it yet, here is one members fix for their trip to Alaska.




Sorry you have to copy paste, link wouldn't work.


I would agree with Oliver offering an optional solution. I do like the airstream rock guards and would bet most would opt for it. Maybe exactly like the airstream product, aluminum but painted white, I know nothing of painting can you print aluminum?


One Life Live It Enjoyably

2017 F350 6.7L SRW CC LB

2015 Oliver Elite II Hull #69

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T2R....  Thank you, I did not know about that Thread.  Just finished reading it.


One thing about fiber glass is that you put a fabric that vibrates against the surface, it will dull it.  The Airstream 'stainless steel' rock guards are mounted so that there is a gap between the trailer and the guard.  Often the fit to the curve is not the best, so you have to tinker with it after getting your trailer.  Rocks can get caught in between the rock guard and the outer aluminum skin of the trailer.


Like I said on another Thread... Oliver and Airstream owners can think outside the, trailer.


Most would not want to drill to insert hardware and fabricate a permanent 'rock guard' but if the factory begins to catch up with this... they will, why not you?  About any metal can be painted to match the Oliver finish.  Maybe even some art work of your own.


Once the original finish is blemished, it might be very difficult to restore it to match.

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Airstreams need the armor because otherwise, rocks would dent the aluminum.  For FG, it's about chips and scratches in the gelcoat.  I think a lower body wrap, or some paint protection film on the lower front would be sufficient.  We'll probably do one of those, plus an aussie-style net between the trailer and vehicle.


Personally, I think Oliver should start offering wraps from the factory.  It can't be that difficult to do, and would be something really nice to offer.  I noticed just yesterday that Kimberley in Australia has started offering wraps.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before everyone joins the bandwagon.

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