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Zamp PWM controller vs Blue sky mppt controller

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Buzzy, Thank for the reply. I do plan on leaving the OLiver outside. I figure it must be durable enough to do so. We rescued a neglected 78 Scamp from N.H. a few years ago, and with some elbow grease was able to restore the shell to acceptable color and gloss. That exercise certainly taught us to maintain a new one. I was going to use a Maguire product, what do you use for a cleaner/wax? Northern Tool does offer a cover almost the right size. I was thinking I could cover the solar panel edges with pool noodles, but maybe the better option would be to hook up and head south. But then again Georgia had snow this year. Southern Maine is hard to beat in the winter, but this year was especially "fun"...


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I've owned a number of covers over the years (prior to Twist) and found that the Tyvek covers simply do not hold up very well - they rip way too easily and are very difficult to repair.  Since then I've owned both an ADCO cover and presently own a Calmark cover for my Oliver.  There are a number of owners that are using the Calmark (do a search on this site for Calmark).  Unfortunately these covers (either ADCO or Calmark) cost a little over $700, but, just like the Oliver it is a bit of you get what you pay for.



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This was a great thread.  Thanx to all who provided information and links to informative articles.  I learned a bunch in about an hour of reading.  I can draw from this that since our boondocking will be limited to 3 days or so at most, and I will have a genset the zamp controller seems the way to go for us.

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