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Estimating propane quantity remaining.

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We have the 30 pound tanks and run one at a time so that we have a full back up tank when the first one goes empty.  My question; is there a reliable method to estimate quantity left in the operating tank before it goes empty?  Is the condensation line on the tank when supplying gas a good indicator or is there some other technique that works?





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When at the recent Oliver rally, the Truma representative gave a presentation on the Truma tankless water heater.  After the presentation, I won a http://www.levelcheck.com/us/ propane level indicator by answering one of his questions proving I was paying attention. :)


It works most of the time, you need a good clean contact between the probe and the tank.  It works using ultrasound, and the light turns either green or red, and there's an audio sound that represents propane or no propane.  There's a video on the site to show how to operate it.


I think it's a little pricey at $70, but I'm happy to have won it.  I see something similar on Amazon for $18 and another for $40.  Search for "propane level indicator".







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We boondock a lot and leave both tanks open,  I check the gauge every week or 2 and go from there. If it's still green in 2 weeks, I'll plan on filling them both in another week. Or I just plan on filling them every other time that we go out to dump the black tank unless we are using the propane Campfire a lot because that will run a tank out in around 20 hours of use. You can also use the condensation mark or tap on them, but being we live in ours full time, I plan on filling up every 3 weeks. My personal estimate for us is one tank every 2 weeks and so far I have been right on, not having them take over 11gallons so far. So I fill the empty and top off the other basically every 3 weeks.



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Another option for you! I purchased a set of these after returning home with our new Oliver in April. Hull # 204. Yes, it cost but never guessing at amount of propane in the tank again. The gauges are viewable thru the porthole option from OTT using a flashlight. I use one of the new/slightly used 30 lb. cylinders that came with our Ollie on our back deck for Camp Chef and Weber grill. Obviously can go a long time without needing propane at home. Sold the other to a friend who was tired of his cylinder on his deck running out. He grills several times a week!



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Propane weighs 4.2 pounds per gallon at 60* f. In the photo above the number on the left is the full weight. The number on the right is the empty weight. simple math tells us that the tank can hold 31 pounds of propane, or roughly 7.4 gallons of propane.


A quick weigh on the bathroom scales will tell you exactly how much propane is in the tank.



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