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Your opinion on this storage option


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Ok. I'm still in the honeymoon phase of camper ownership and I've been googling camper accessories that we might need. ;)

i came across this bolt on under chassis slide out drawers. Since we have the shorty Ollie we don't have storage for tool type things. It would be nice to ditch the "misc. box" from the back of the truck.

So... a question to all of you wonderful RV experts.  Is this a good idea? Would it change towing in a negative way? Anyone have one? Attached are pictures.





Brandi Shaffer

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First of all, it is 8 feet wide and the Ollies are 7 feet wide, so..... this one won't work. A narrower one might possibly.


Your stuff inside the drawers would get really trashed if you towed in inclement weather or on unpaved roads.


The "sturdy steel frame" will rust quickly due to road debris and rock strikes, and it will be a seriously horrible PITA to keep it nice.


If you want extra space consider the rear cargo platform that is an unlisted option. It is engineered for your trailer and is made of the same high quality aluminum. Or add a cargo pod of some sort on your tow vehicle's roof.


Did that help?


John Davies


Spokane WA

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Thanks for pointing out these facts. I was all excited.  I like things to have homes. I'm not worried about the after driving condition of the items since it would be things like wheel chocks etc.  not sure if it comes in the right width but I did see several options.


The rusting thing is something that I didn't consider. Great point.


I don't really like the look of any kind of box attached on the back so that's a no go. We don't have much to store in there, I just like to have each camper completely stocked and ready to pull away with without having to grab a tote box of misc stuff. Our Uhaul has plenty of room for storage under all of the seats. I'm able to store blankets, pillows, hoses, extension cords and so on. The Oliver has no real storage for things like that.


I'm still working on finding homes for everything. ;)


thank you. Back to the drawing board. Lol

Brandi Shaffer

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Our chocks and blocks pretty much fit in one milk crate in the truck bed. We carry a variety of blocks, and harbor freight chocks. Heavy, and great chocks



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