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Ram 2500


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Had an interesting day with the Ram 2500 4X4, with a v plow on it. Had backed it up a slight incline at the edge of the driveway. Had it there so we could come out, plow the yard, and clear the driveway and road. It had over a third tank of fuel. Went to start it today and it just cranked and cranked. The low fuel light was on. We added a 5 gallon can of gas, and it started right up. Seeing it was only 12 degrees out we had been worried. We pulled out onto flat ground and the gauge registered over 1/3 tank again. Better to know that here at home than at a remote campsite, to keep the tank full or park on a reasonably flat spot. Guess a trip to the dealer is in order...

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That should not happen, you have a problem in the fuel supply line, maybe a leaking check valve. The engine should fire right up after being parked, even on a steep angle, if the supply line has fuel and residual pressure in it.


The tanks on these trucks are long and skinny, so parkng on a really steep uphill or downhill might _possibly_ be an issue, but never on a side slope.


Tell us what they find. I bet they change the fuel pump.....


What year is your truck?


John Davies


Spikane WA

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Canoe12 - WOW!  Seems strange that just a "slight incline" would shift a 1/3 full gas tank enough to get that much gas away from the fuel pickup.  Sure would be nice to know exactly where the fuel pickup is located.  Certainly during the winter months I keep all my vehicle tanks at least above 1/2 full.  But, I do understand where a situation could arise where one would be at 1/3 and certainly you would think that would be enough to at least start the vehicle.  As you say - better to know it now.




p.s. thanks for reminding me to not complain when our temp is in the low 40's and yours is 12.

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We were down to a third tank because we had done two back to back storms. The last one was officially a blizzard. As we had family coming for the holidays we backed it out of the way. Figured we would go to town to fill up when traffic was lower as we still have the 8 1/2' blade on the front. Temp this morning was -5 well after dawn, and has gone  to + 6 by noon. We are looking forward to next week when we might get all the way up to 20. Maybe time to plow out the Oliver, take off the blade, and hook up?

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