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Looking for boondocking spots in the Dakotas, Montana and up into Calgary


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We're going to do an early spring trip up to Glacier and maybe Banff (yes, we know it's a month or two too early for that but we like the cold), and we're taking any and all advice for good boondocking spots there and along the way. We're thinking we'll go nonstop up to Sioux Falls and across to Badlands, where we'll start our camping. Then over to Butte and head north to Glacier and Banff. On the way back, we may head over to Teddy Roosevelt NP first, then back down to the Badlands area to pick up anything we passed by on the way up. We're taking off in a couple of weeks and will be out for three.


Our plans are loose, as always, so any advice on cool places to see around those areas would be greatly appreciated.

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While I have not been to the Dakotas, my notes include this forum thread: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/camping-in-august-and-september-in-dakotas-and-minnesota/#post-63427, and this one about Glacier: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/a-big-boondocking-opps/


Also an Airforum thread: http://www.airforums.com/forums/f42/glacier-national-park-177358.html


A colleague at work recommended Hegben Lake, near West Yellowstone.

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This year, some of the campgrounds have opened early. Call, and don't trust the website.

Teddy Roosevelt is an awesome park. Don't know where you are coming from, but Mitchell, SD, has a wonderful city cg on the lake that is likely open by now. And, bonus, you can see the historic Corn Palace just a few miles in, and go to the Shopko...

Custer state park has a beautiful cg. The nature drive at dusk yielded a dozen types of wildlife viewing last may trip.

I don't have our books with me, but beyond Teddy Roosevelt, look for the coe and nfs sites.

Banff is a nonstarter for us, but the ice field parkway visitor center parking lot cg is great, as is Jasper national cg. Elk everywhere in may. Be careful. Mama elk are of course, oh so protective. They wandered our campsite, as bison do in Teddy r park.


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Thanks for the info. I'm hoping that we can spend time in the Dakotas on the way back. Teddy Roosevelt is definitely on the list. The original plan was to hit some of those places on the way up and then catch what we missed on the way down, but since we're going to yellowstone first, we'll have to do whatever we have time for at the end. There's always another trip.


But the Corn Palace is right up my alley - I do like that the resident High School team is called the Kernels.

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That's good info - thanks.  We're definitely headed back that direction since we ended up skipping the Dakotas because of the heat wave.  Not sure when - I think the boss said our next trip will be back to southern Utah and Colorado to try and catch all the places we've skipped on our last few visits.

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