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Andersen Hitch Pin replacement


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During a recent visit to the Oliver Service area I met a couple that were just picking up their Elite II (unfortunately I do not remember the names).  They showed me a new hitch pin that they had just purchased at the local Tractor Supply and claimed that it made insertion and extraction of the pin from the Andersen easier.  I decided to give it a try and went to Tractor Supply.  After searching for the pin in the area where other hitch accessories are sold I found out that these are kept in the "farm" area of the store.  The 5/8 inch by 4 inch pin is the one I bought and it fits perfectly.  In addition, I also purchased a different kind of "keeper" pin since I felt that the one supplied with the hitch pin really didn't fit snugly enough.  Once I got home I bent the end of the "new "keeper" pin so that it fit even tighter.  This plus the fact that the hitch pin itself will not rotate once inserted in the Andersen gave me a fair degree of certainty that neither will come out on their own.


Indeed, this hitch pin is really easier to use with both insertion and extraction because one has a handle for most of your hand versus just trying to use your fingers.







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While killing some time I went to the Tractor Supply down the road from the showroom in Hohenwald the day after picking up our trailer and also bought the same pin with handle shown above.  Twice between TN and MN I took a sharp turn and crushed the handle. The first time I straightened it out, the second time I just cut the handle portion off.  I continue to use the modified TS pin because even without the handle because most of the time it’s easier to remove.


Last week I had to take the TS pin to a wire brush and clean up some corrosion.  It no longer easily slid through the holes in the whale tail.  The black coating on the pin had bubbled up


Beware, there is a reason the stock pin has a small end on it and not a handle. With the handle there could be interference issues at extreme ends of motion.  And the plating on the stock pin is better than the coating on the TS pin.


I could have bought a new one at TS since, but decided it wasn’t the upgrade I thought it was.

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