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Black Tank Flush Port Inlet Valve


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Trying to educate myself on my new Oliver that I picked up last week. I was trying to find the Black Tank Flush Inlet valve located under the front dinette access panel. I cannot find it. Either I am looking in the wrong place (probably) or it was failed to be placed in the line. I have attached a picture to where I am looking for the valve.


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I will now answer my own question. On page 75 of the owners manual, it talks about the black tank flush port on the street side. This allows you to connect an outside water supply and rinse out the black tank. The manual states " you will need to open the inlet valve located under the front dinette access panel"


I could not find the valve. I called Richie in Service at Oliver. He said there is no longer a need to open the inlet valve so therefore it is not there anymore. He said it is a new change in the Oliver.  I can now find something else to go learn about the Oliver.

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It's in the manual, but it's not there as it is not needed? How does this work? Is there a hose connection for it still on the outside? What is now the process? Those of us that show our camper, in the referral program, you think they might inform us of the change!  It is always nice to pass on complete and accurate information, to the next generation...

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Yes, there is a connection for the black tank flush on the street side of the trailer toward the front. My understanding is that there is a back flow valve installed to prevent any black water leaking back down to the connection. I might have an on/off under my dinette seat but have never opened or closed it. I’ll look next time I have the space opened. If I have one it came open from the factory. I routinely use the black tank flush and have had no issues with back flow. Mike

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None of the early models had this valve installed under the dinette seat. When they, all of a sudden, appeared a year or so ago, I questioned the need for it to the folks at Oliver. Nobody was ever able to give me a reasonable answer as to why it was being installed since there was and is a backflow preventer in that line. It made no sense to have both. Now, as I understand it, they have eliminated it. Now that makes sense.

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