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First trip since Dec 12, 2018 Delivery


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We picked up our Oliver Legacy II on December 12, 2018. It had already been winterize. We kept it winterized and dry camped at Crockett for 2 days. On February 6, we head south to Pensacola, Fl, Hunting Island and Huntington Beach, SC with a stop in Wilmington, NC before heading back to KY.  I was reviewing procedures this afternoon on how to bring the Oliver out of winterization  upon reaching favorable temps. It would be nice if I could flush the system prior to departure but does not look like temps will cooperate here in KY. I have reviewed the normal valve template that is located under the curbside twin bed. It seems pretty straight forward. I will also need to close the fresh water tank valve and ensure the hot water heater has anode rode in place prior to turning on the water pump. It is my plans not to use city water hookup at this time but use the fresh water holding tank.  Our Oliver is under cover at our location and we are in it daily. Batteries have been maintained at a charged level. What advice can you offer a first time RV owner on his first trip with the Oliver coming out of winterize conditions? Also,  I am having trouble identifying 2 items that are depicted in the pictures below. First picture and second picture are from the curbside between the steps and refrigerator vent. Not sure what first picture depicts. I think the second picture is the fresh water tank over flow. 3rd picture is normal valve configuration.  Any and all assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!




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Hello Darrel and Kim:


In a few short weeks I'll be doing my first de-winterization on an Elite II. I have not seen a written preocedure for this, but I bet the Owners have one.


As you stated, after restoring the anode and valves to normal position, (the exception being the tank drain line), I am thinking:


A.  Set valves to City Water positions and connect to the city water port and flush the sinks, toilet and outside shower with city water.


B.  Set Valves to Boondocking positions and connect to the boondocking tank fill port and fresh that line to the pump, sinks, and outside shower all with the water tank drain valve open.


C.  Set Valves to Normal positions and connect to the fresh water tank fill port and purge the fresh water tank (Drain remains open).  At this point I should be confident that all "Fill" lines or other lines are pretty well purged, the fresh water tank is purged, and as such the vast majority of the antifreeze is also purged.


D.  Then I will close the fresh water tank drain valve and flow water from the city water fill line to fill the tank.


E.  Redundant I know, but I'll then use the pump to flow water to the sinks, toilet and outside shower.


Owners:  What have I missed?

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I think the second picture is the fresh water tank over flow. 3rd picture is normal valve configuration. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!


The second pic is the fresh water overflow. If you hook up to a city water supply and fill the fresh tank you will know it is full when you hear/see the overflow from there. We’ve never winterized, so no advice there. Mike

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