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Erratic 2-way switches

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We had a similar issue last night at Crockett SP. Our AC was running and continually cycling off and back on for no reason. We checked the surge suppressor each time it happened and code was always E 0 and other numbers looked good. When I got up, I tried to turn the cabinet lights would come on and the blue LED illuminated briefly, but went out almost immediately and was very dim. I eventually turned off some other lights and then the problematic lights worked normally. I assumed we didn’t have sufficient amperage to run all that was running due to Friday night campground traffic. We didn’t see any issue with numbers on the surge protector display. It may have been transient change. Still new to this as this was our second night.

David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

Hull 509 "The Swallow"

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You may be right about the power source not making any difference, but I don’t know that.  When ever I am troubleshooting any problem, I try to gather as much information as possible.


What I know so far is it happens on 2 switches, so I have to assume none of the other 12v lighting circuits are effected.


I also assume you are using the switch panel by the door because the rear switch panel does not control the courtesy lights.


Open the access port in the upper cabinet above the microwave and find the main and courtesy light switches.  Pull the wire connector off of the switch post and push it back on making sure you have a good connection.  Do this 1 wire at a time.  Do this for both wires on each switch.


Now test you work.


Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL   LEII #193 “the dog house”



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Mike, my trailer has the courtesy lights on a 3-way with the second switch on the rear panel - or actually on a separate smaller panel along with the water pump and heater switches. So that must have changed at some point between our trailers. T-Oliver, it always helps to give the hull number and year of your trailer when asking for help since things do change from year to year, especially wiring. But if I remember correctly, your trailer happened to come off the line next to mine, so the wiring is probably similar.


So I think that Mike's troubleshooting is the way to go, but you'll want to check both panels. Actually, my guess would be that one of the positive jumper wires has come loose from the connector rather than the connector itself being loose. That would account for two circuits showing the same symptoms, assuming that on one of the panels, those two are the last to get power. I think that if a connector were loose that it wouldn't effect the power leading to the next circuit since the jumper would still be connected. Either way, one would think that the problem would be found in a shared wire, either positive or ground. It might be worth checking the ground busses for a loose wire there - there's one in the attic (have to remove the panel on the street side) and one down in the hull near the converter. But definitely check the switch panels first.

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We had a similar issue while at the 2018 Oliver Owner's Rally. Jason's guys accessed the connection to the switch at the door and tightened the connection for us. Since they were so nice to show how to access and what to do if it happens again, we now know what to do if we incur the issue again. The access point was just inside left of the upper cabinet next to the door.

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Anyone else have the 2-way switches behave btadly. The lites don’t always turn on, sometimes flicker, are dim and otherwise annoying.

advise or solutions welcome.


Did this issue get fixed? Please provide an update.


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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL   LEII #193 “the dog house”



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