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Why does Oliver install grossly oversized cables for the inverter?

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Does anyone¬†know¬†why they use such HUGE¬†cables? My hull #217 has the¬†2000 watt inverter and¬†4/0 welding cable as big around as your thumb. Recommended cable size is 1/0, which is good for a 3500 watt unit. My positive cable¬†has¬†a 250 amp fuse.¬†4/0 cable is rated to carry 1200 amps¬†up to¬†50 feet ūüė≥


The bigger cable is twice as expensive ($8 per¬†foot¬†wholesale), way heavier and¬†bulkier,¬†awkward¬†to cut, less avaialable¬†and in general a really big PITA to work with. If they intended to upgrade the size in case of installing a¬†larger inverter In the future, 2/0 gauge would be plenty big. Their cost savings would have been about $50 just for the wire, not including the more expensive terminals and¬†the extra labor involved.....Here is what I have been working with- for scale that¬†is a 1/2‚ÄĚ cold chisel:


I am pretty perplexed. As an aircraft tech I can’t see a single positive benefit from this choice. But OTH a whole lot of the electrical installation in an Ollie confounds me.....Comments?

John Davies

Spokane WA

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One of the benefits of the 4/0 cable is that it is very hard to create a bird¬†nest with it. ¬†And we all know how much you like bird nest.ūüėÄ
The 2000 watt Xantrex inverter actually has a surge rating of 3000 watts which requires a 250 amp fuse.  4/0 cable is rated for 600 amps at 9 feet in length.  Our battery to inverter cables are about 5 feet +/-.

I would expect about 5% of OTT owners would ever touch the 4/0 cables other than disconnecting the battery cable for storage or removal.

And while they are technically oversized, it’s another area where OTT's are overbuilt for our benefit and safety.


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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
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