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2 inch bike rack receiver


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Has anyone figured out an EASY way to attach a 2 inch receiver to the rear bumper to attach a bike rack.  The 1.25 inch receiver is useless.  Especially if you want to carry ebike


Hopefully one considers how one loads up the rear of the camper. Extra weight back there can unload tounge weight, which can greatly effect handling. It can effect both the trailer and tow vehicle handling.

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15 hours ago, CarperDiem said:

Stromberg Carlson CC-275 steel bike bunk installs on the front hitch above the propane tanks.  Has anyone had any luck with this option?

My measurements tell me that the propane tank cover is too tall for the bike bunk to fit over it.  You could move it forward to just behind the jack and your bikes would be forward of the jack.  The real problem is the A-frame mounting requires notching the fiberglass.

And the bike bunk is rated for 100 lbs which you have already stated is useless.


A raised receiver on the “A” frame is the perfect place to put your bikes. Our Bike Bunk allows any RV approved bike rack designed for a 2″ receiver to fit. Your application will be determined by the turning radius and positioning of the rack. Supports up to 100 lbs.

Critical Dimensions:
33.5″ from the top of your trailer A-frame to the top of the Bike Bunk cross tube, 29” from the top of your trailer A-frame to the bottom of the receiver tube on the cross tube.  Due to the bent design on the vertical bent posts, lower pockets can be mounted on your A-frame at widths varying from 14″ to 55″. Accommodates max A-frame bar height of 6″.

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There are a bunch of bike rack threads. The quickest solution would be to remove the undersized factory receiver and bolt down a 2” steel one. You would have to fabricate mounting plates and weld them onto the new receiver tube, to be secure. I personally would build an aluminum support structure like the original Ollie rack, with long main support arms and a couple of crossbeams, and bolt down the trays directly to it. That saves a fair amount of weight and complexity, and completely removes the “how do I keep the bike rack from flopping around” problem entirely. I think overland has that setup with 1-Up trays. I built my own rack, but I would never carry bikes there for a number of reasons.


It is interesting to see how something as basic as a bike rack can get so many people riled up....😬

John Davies

Spokane WA

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