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  1. While we couldn't make it this year anyway, we'll have our Ollie LEII this February and will plan to attend next fall if we can. Thanks for organizing!
  2. The Cradlepoint does seem pricey, and we'd sure be happy to find something that would work well for a cheaper price. We'll have to do more research to figure out which option will best meet our needs, as well as continue following this thread for more feedback before finalizing our build. Thanks for starting this discussion Coach and Jojo! Here's a link I just found: https://rvlife.com/mobile-hotspot-plans-for-rvers/
  3. Thanks, all. Appreciate the input!
  4. After much thought, reading forum posts, and calculations, we've decided to have Oliver install the Andersen when we pick up our LEII next year. But, one thing we read somewhere and can't seem to find it again was the concern about using the WDH during inclement weather, i.e. rain, snow, etc. Is that an issue? Hard to imagine installing, uninstalling, reinstalling when moving in and out of different weather conditions. Has anyone had problems using the WDH in nasty weather?
  5. We had planned to spend the Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans with family and decided to fly into Nashville a few days early, take a factory tour, and head to New Orleans taking a section of the Natchez Trace Parkway on our way south. Wish we had planned to spend a day or two in Nashville but maybe when we pick up our Ollie. Looking forward to seeing the actual build and trying to make final decisions on options. Taking photos/videos during the tour sounds like a great idea. A February pick up seems so far away...
  6. Well, we're not fantasizing and probably a bit crazy, but we're actually going to try towing our Ollie with a Rivian R1T. It'll be a steep learning curve, but guess we can always bail down the road if it doesn't work out. Depending on conditions, we're expecting only about 150 miles between charges, so that's obviously a negative. But, maybe it's time for us to slow down and . . . Rivian is designing an "adventure" charging network with 600 fast charging sites and 10,000+ level 2 charging stations around National/State Parks and more remote locations. But that system won't be up and running for a couple of years, so we'll be relying on the existing network, mostly along interstates/major roads and urban areas. It will definitely be a challenge.
  7. Just browsing some websites and came across this system/app. Was wondering if anyone has used the weigh system and does it really work as they claim? "The BetterWeigh System measures vehicle weight, combined vehicle and trailer weight, payload weight, tongue or pin weight, and weight distribution. The system will also help you calculate your trailer brake gain." https://www.doityourselfrv.com/betterweigh-system/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email
  8. Thanks so much for answering our questions. We don't have our tow vehicle, yet, but hoping the dual hitch will work. Guess we'll see...
  9. We also have a 1up rack and are really interested in this option for carrying our bikes. We're not really excited about carrying the bikes behind the trailer. But...we do have a few questions we hope you can answer. 1. Do you find it difficult to load your bikes with the limited space available? We have two 50 lb. e-bikes and wonder if that will be a deal breaker. 2. Have you had any problem with the bikes affecting the turning radius of the trailer? 3. Do you use an Anderson or other sway control setup? 4. You mentioned that the 2 1/4" drop works well with your TV. But, do you ever find that an adjustable hitch would be helpful to level the trailer, or doesn't the weight of the trailer or TV change enough between trips to find that necessary? Thanks for your help!!
  10. We aren't Oliver owners, yet. Thought we'd browse around the forum and get a better idea of what the Oliver is all about. We were considering an Airstream but have pre-buyers remorse and are researching other options.
  11. We have a 1up bike rack. Has anyone used a receiver adapted to accommodate a 2" rear bike rack mount like this?
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