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Ultrafabric regrets?


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I have flip-flopped back and forth between regular fabric and ultrafabric now at least 5 times (final order not due for a few months yet).  Will be ordering the twin with couch with standard cushions.  Ultrafabric upgrade is $849 in this configuration and color palate is limited to a single color (gray).  My current plan is NOT to order ultrafabric and use the standard fabric until such time as it gets damaged, worn out or I get tired of it .  At that time I will have an upholstery shop recover all the cushions in ultrafabric, in a brighter color.  My thinking is that I can use the standard fabric while I decide and cost to recover might even be less than or equal to $849.  Heck, I may like the standard fabric and never upgrade.

Has anyone else ordered the standard fabric then had a local upholstery shop recover their cushions in ultrafabric or something similar?  If so, what was the cost?  

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Time2Go, we got the cushions, thinking that if they didn't work for us we would get Southern Mattress mattresses later (since we live near where they are made.) So far we are fine with the cushions (plus a foam topper for my husband).  It seems to me that if you are going to buy SM mattresses, it could be beneficial to go ahead and get all the cushions that Oliver includes in the base price.  Even if you throw away or give away the foam (and foam is actually quite expensive in a 4" width), you will have extra of the fabric that can be used if you ever have a rip in one of your dinette seats.  Or you could use the fabric to make some bolster cushions.  When we made our order, I actually got in touch with the man who does the upholstery for Oliver and requested that any scrap fabric from when my cushions were cut out be saved for me, since I am a seamstress and figured I might someday want that additional matching fabric.

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@Mountainman198 I  think you have a good plan, as in try the cushions first, as opposed to mattresses, right off the bat. The foam in our cushions is pretty dense, great for seating, a little hard for sleeping. Needs a mattress topper (you could cut two from a queen for twins), imo. 

Whether you choose a fabric, or ultrafabric,  is a personal choice. 

As far as cost, to replace later, that varies widely. Oliver obviously gets a volume discount.

Custom in my neighborhood is pricey, but if you reuse the foam, a bit less. I also got a big savings on my boat cushions years ago because the upholsterer (unusually) allowed me to buy and supply the fabric. Many won't let you do that. So, I was able to buy commercial grade fabric from a roll end/surplus site, for 2/3 off. I wasn't able to reuse the foam, in that project. old. 

You could download the measurements for cushions, and price locally, if you are curious.

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