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  1. I would suggest watching this video: https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/payload/
  2. I made all our own bedding. If you buy queen bedding, cut it in half, cut the curves, and then serge the edges it will work great.
  3. Here's a video about the campground and the different areas:
  4. Also in E Loop, made reservations for 4 nights, starting on the 18th but may change that to the 19th once I see the actual schedule of events.
  5. Our is a 2020 (#676) and I am glad we were able to individually select options, rather than choosing packages. I'm also glad we were able to select colors/graphics. We did not have the lithium option, however.
  6. I love the white interior and would never change it. Plenty of ways to add color, and it wipes clean so easily.
  7. Congratulations from Hull #676! Definitely get the solar. It will open up many possibilities for boondocking.
  8. I now have copies of both books here at home, please send me a message if interested in an autographed copy.
  9. Thanks again to everyone who ordered Grace on a Rambling Road: Devotions for RV Travelers last spring. The sequel, Joy by a Roaring Campfire: Devotions for Campers, is launching in less than 2 weeks. This one is aimed at campers in general. Ebook available now, also preorders for the paperback version. At some point I will have some copies here at home if anyone would like a signed copy. amzn.to/3k9UTgu
  10. So beautiful, even when it's 11 years old. I enjoyed this salesman's description.
  11. We decided not to get the mattress upgrade for several reasons: - We live close to the Southern Mattress factory so we could add them later. It made sense to go ahead and get what was already included in the base price. -When I sat in a sample Ollie at the factory that had a mattress, for me it was less comfortable for sitting on during the daytime because my feet were at a different angle on the floor. Does that make sense? It was too high, even though I'm a 5'7" female. --The mattresses are heavy. If you use the provided cushions, it's easier to lift them up and access under the beds if needed. We also sometimes remove the cushions and bring them in the house in humid summer NC weather. We are very happy with our decision. I sleep great on just the cushions and my husband added a foam topper on his side.
  12. The trailer does not feel dark at all, lots of natural light and endless touch lights for great ambient light at all hours.
  13. In a few weeks I will be able to give a first hand report, but we are scheduled to stay at Lake Fairfax Park in Reston Va. There is a Metro station in Reston, part of the silver line.
  14. We have a metal stand/grill top that we place over our propane fire pit. Perfect for foil packet dinners such as Low Country Boil. For cooking inside, I do think it would be a challenge in the LE 1 but we have the LE 2 and it's not hard to make it work.
  15. If you wanted to head toward DC early, it looks like there are some sites left at Lake Fairfax Park near Reston. (also staying there in October so can't give details.)
  16. Did you try Shenandoah River SP in VA? I can't speak to what it's like because we haven't stayed there yet, but we have reservations there in October.
  17. My husband has gotten so skilled with the truck backup camera that I almost never participate in the hitching up process anymore...
  18. Pisgah Inn will now allow non-guests to eat lunch there if you make reservations. We were across the road at Mt. Pisgah campground for 4 nights this week. Best hike we did was the Black Balsam Knob hike (off Forest Service Rd. between mileposts 420 and 421.)
  19. This is a helpful video. https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/payload/
  20. When we wanted to buy a used Ollie, they were selling for almost full price within a few days of being listed. So we decided that we would buy a new one, enjoy getting to choose all our options, and if trailer camping didn't turn out to be for us we were confident that we would recoup almost all of our investment. We have had our Ollie for 9 months and are truly enjoying it.
  21. Some questions about the 2022 rally: Are the rally dates definitely May 18-22, 2022? Is it important to make reservations at Lake Guntersville by phone (vs. the website)? If we decided to only stay 2 of the 4 nights, which nights would you suggest in order to be there for most of the group events? Any other words of wisdom from past attendees? Thank you.
  22. So that last graphic is funny to me because the parts of North Carolina that have "Carolina Clay" have red clay. "Carolina Sandhills " maybe...
  23. You do realize that the title of your post has now embedded the song from The Little Mermaid in my brain... My latest handmade gizmo is a fabric holder for grocery bags/trash bags. The opening at the top is larger than the one at the bottom. It hangs from a command hook placed high up on the left wall of the main closet.
  24. A drop down table would not work for me because I use that table constantly when preparing meals, organizing my daily items, etc. If I had a drop down table it would likely stay up 90% of the time.
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