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Startling behavior of a RAM 1500 HEMI 5.7 with e-Torque - TV parasitic draw from RV


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9 hours ago, Overland said:

You guys know that I'm a sucker for Victron gear.

When can we expect pictures of your install?  Soon I'll be looking to replace the AGM in my Sprinter with a Li and this product is definitely in the running.🤙

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On 12/8/2020 at 12:24 PM, LiFeBlueBattery said:


Interesting comments - seems as though several companies need to discuss electrical issues with electrical engineers, and users need proper information to make proper, informed decisions. The purpose of a DC to DC converter/inverter/ whatever you decide today to call it is to limit and control current and voltage. The converter will take an assumed to be variable DC source and manage it to keep it at a preset voltage/current. Used to power sensitive electronic equipment, such as a laptop, from a battery that is being depleted. At a predetermined input voltage, the system will shut off.

I do not understand the issue with current flowing in unwanted directions. A simple circuit can be installed to allow only one-way current flow. Diode circuits, or a single proper diode, have been used for years to prevent current flow in an unwanted direction. I sort of charged my trailer batteries from my tow vehicle in the 1980's without concern of unwanted current flow from the trailer to the TV (I guess that is what we are calling a tow vehicle - I am learning stuff).

I am challenged to think and evaluate the information provided. All of it has value, and I am learning a lot as a soon to be Oliver owner.


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