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  1. The Honda companion version would require an adaptor like this to work with your standard 30 amp cable.
  2. This is reply is not state park related, but if you are not familiar with Texas you should know that we have a chain of gas stations here called Bucees. IMO they set the benchmark for all other gas stations that I have visited. You might keep their locations in mind when planning your routes in Texas. They have started expanding outside of Texas too. Mike
  3. The Fire TV stick works great in the trailer too. There is a USB connection on the back of the television to provides power. The Fire TV also requires internet to be of any use. I have both the Fire TV Stick and a Roku Stick Pus. The ROKU as a cleaner interface than the Fire stick (IMO) and supports screen sharing if you use IOS and/or MACOS devices, which is very handy. I like both but prefer the Roku. Both work great and do not require the inverter to be powered on to use them.
  4. Echo Dot works great for listening to music, getting weather updates, etc., etc. so long as you are connected to the internet. Just use Bluetooth to link it to the Furion/Jensen unit and you are good to go. The older version Dot (the one that plugs into a USB outlet) uses less power than the newer units and do not require turning the inverter on. Mike
  5. Another vote for the MIMO antenna. Seems to work more often/better than the 4G booster. I would also recommend crossing two or more wireless providers. Phone with one company (TMO or VZ) and Jetpack with another (ATT). Mike
  6. You might try the Victron Energy BPP900460050 GX Touch 50 adapter for CCGX cut-out.
  7. I would suggest making it as simple as possible and based on 12V with three temp sensors, one each in both basement sides as well as the coach. Using an Adruino unit or Raspberry pi one could program the device to turn each side on/off independently when the basement temps are either high or low and the coach temp is in a beneficial range. An automated control could be done with < 3watts when idle and 5-10 watts when all of the fans are running.
  8. Yes, but this is also depending on the adaptors that are chosen. There are larger 15A to 30A diameter adaptors will not fit with a neutral ground plug in place, but even those could be used with a short 15A extension cord. Or you could use the one that I put in my previous post works fine with my Honda 2200i - shown here again. Mike
  9. My understanding is that the in-rush current is the current required to start a motor/compressor during the first 5 cycles. This current is much higher than the what is required to keep a motor/compressor running and is the reason that our smaller generators cut out when trying to run an AC. I thought I would ask you since your setup looks optimized for taking that specific measurement.
  10. Mossey, Is that amp meter "in-rush" capable and if so, did you take measurements before and after the soft start installation? I have heard the in-rush current can be 50-60 amps at 120V. Mike
  11. I also have the Honda 2200i (non-companion, non-Bluetooth model) and use this to connect to the front power port with the generator on the tongue box. The Honda is very light and relatively quiet. I have also been impressed with all of the add-ons that are available for these Honda units and I am considering a propane conversion. Link
  12. Interesting... I did the Yukon River Quest three times (450 mile canoe race) and the race officials tracked each of us with Spot devices each year. I have used InReach more recently and think it is a better device and service. There might be better devices that are designed for tracking stolen cars/RVs than the Spot or InReach which both offer rescue services. Mike
  13. The recommendations for storing batteries differ by manufacturer. LifeBlue Store battery in cool, dry environment. Do not store or install in direct sunlight. Discharge battery to 50% SoC before long term storage of more than 30 days. Check battery voltage every 60 days and recharge if below 13.0 volts. BattleBorn Fully charge them and then disconnect them from everything. Removing the negative lead from the battery bank is also recommended. If possible, we recommend storing them in a temperature above freezing. Storing batteries i
  14. I think that the solution to one or more batteries failing, that exist in a parallel bank is a proper BMS that prevents overcharge, undercharge and excessive current draw. The Battleborn BMS should put each failing battery in protect mode so the remaining batteries can continue to be used. Unfortunately there is no indicator to the user when this protect mode occurs (that I am aware of). Bluetooth connectivity and/or an LED status would be an nice improvement. Mike
  15. Mossemi, I might be confused as to what the midpoint voltage is, but with three 12V batteries in parallel, aren't all of the voltage readings going to be exactly the same, at least while they are connected? That is one of the characteristics of a parallel circuit. Which batteries are you using? I thought you had Battleborn which do not report the internal series cell voltages to the user via Bluetooth (yet). Mike
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