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  1. You might also want to make sure you have a socket that covers your tow vehicle.
  2. Please check this thread to see if it is what you are looking for.
  3. This will cover most Mine are 19mm.
  4. You are correct. My 2017 Oliver owners manual shows furnace fan and ignitor at 4-8 amps.
  5. @John E Davies posted this link in another thread - 10.3 amps for the furnace fan
  6. This is great information. I had Oliver check this inlet port in October and they mentioned tightening with a hex wrench then. They checked it and said there was no problem. After returning to Austin I still had the same issues as before. Ordered a wrench and found that the hex nut was tightened properly.
  7. I picked up the trailer last night and tested the inlet with two washers and it did work without the normal coaxing that I had done previously. I also placed the bucket of water on the bumper to improve flow. I have ordered new screen washers to replace the original ones.
  8. The winterize inlet on my Oliver Elite II trailer requires me to apply pressure in just the right spot/angle to get it to start pulling water or antifreeze into the water supply lines. Sometimes it seems as though it is never going to start pulling. Any tips on how to get this inlet to work more consistently? I am typically using a short white hose with standard threads attached to the inlet and then dropping that into water or antifreeze.
  9. This is a timely topic and tip for me as I am headed to Big Bend SP on Thursday through Monday. On Sunday and Monday the temperatures are going to be too cold to use the Oliver's water system (or for mountain biking) as they are expected to drop to 12F and stay below freezing for over 24 hours. The trip back from Terlingua to Austin will be chilly one too.
  10. My RV insurance provider (GEICO) does not offer roadside for RVs but does offer roadside for tow vehicles. I signed up for coach-net roadside but have not needed to use it yet. Price was $179/yr for a long list of benefits. Coach-net was rated high on several RV youtube channels.
  11. Oliver makes great products and obviously values supporting a healthy community where owners and interested parties can ask and answer questions, share ideas and otherwise communicate. A big thank you and high marks to the administrators and moderators for keeping the forum on a positive path. Both of these roles can be difficult and often times thankless, but in my opinion are being done consistently well here.
  12. Richard, Check this thread for the information you requested. Mike
  13. Overland, Could you describe the failure symptoms, if any? If the BMS was working correctly, a failure would result in the two of the four batteries going offline, leaving you with functional system but with 50% lower capacity. Even if three of your four Battleborns had failed in this manner, you would still have a functioning system. DId Battleborn provide you with any insight into the failure mechanism yet? Thanks, Mike
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