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Replacing the Microwave- help :)


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Hi guys.  

Last summer our microwave failed.  Ive read as many threads as I could regarding microwaves but I still have a few questions for the people that have tinkered with theirs.  As you know, the Jellybean is one of the old geezers and we find things were always done a bit different with it. Lol

I was finally brave enough to start removing the trim piece. No screws or rivets, just lots of marine glue.  Managed to get it loose without breaking it.  I can’t say the same for one of my favorite thin bladed knives. lol. As I peered through the tiny slot above the microwave, I realized that I have no idea how to get my hand inside to reach and undo the bolts on the tie down. Would I drill out the rivets on the metal vent grate and squeeze my hand in there?  

Next question.  As I peer through that slot, I can see a plug receptacle.  I am confused that there is only one plug plugged in to it.  Shouldn’t there be TWO?  One for the fridge and one for the microwave?   I’m wondering if maybe the microwave plug just came loose? 

The Jellybean is a 2008 model.  Back in the prototype age.  Lol. 





Brandi Shaffer

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I'm not the most qualified to answer but can provide some pertinent advise.

First, regarding the number of plugins, the refrigerator should have it's own circuit and outlet somewhere behind and below the sink. You can verify this by checking your AC electrical panel for a separate circuit breaker labeled as such.

Access for the hold down appears to only be possible through the vent hole with that plate removed. First protect the plate with a couple layers of masking tape. Then, using light pressure so as not to spin the rivets, drill just through the rivet heads with a 1/8" bit. If necessary, you should then be able to pop the head off using a small screwdriver and punch out the remaining sections of rivet.

The life of this microwave may have been shortened due to less than adequate venting for heat. In choosing a replacement select one designed to be builtin with appropriate trim. Don't try to mimic the original installation purely for esthetic reasons. Installation may require enlarging the opening so research the replacement size specifications and installation instructions carefully before purchasing.

Hopefully one of the old dogs have been through the procedure already and will chime in.

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For those not familiar with the camper Bshaffer is talking about - it is one of the few that were actually delivered by the factory  in a color other than white - hers is RED.  Certainly it is a wonder Oliver to take a look at if you ever see her out on the road or at a rally.

Perhaps Seadawg will chime in here - if not then I'd suggest a PM to her.  I know that she has removed her microwave and (perhaps) remembers the process.  Good luck.


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Hi, Brandi. Nice job getting the trim ring off without breaking it. Did you use a hair dryer or a heat gun with that plastic knife?

Our microwave had a metal household type trim kit, screwed to the fiberglass.

Could be that our microwave was also installed differently from yours. Not sure.

When we removed the dead microwave, we also removed the dead fridge. The brackets holding our microwave in place were secured by a few pieces of threaded rod, tightened from beneath in the fridge cavity. I don't think I have a photo, but I'll look. Paul was able to loosen it enough from the bottom to pull the microwave out. As we turned the microwave cavity into a cabinet, we removed all the threaded rod and brackets before we put the new fridge in place.

I don't know if ours is the same as yours, but it's likely. You might also lift the vinyl covering the floor of the cabinet above the microwave and see if they extended the threaded rod up there. Ours isn't,  but who knows. We don't have the same big oval vent as you do, either. Just a little round one on the side. As bhncb said, if you remove that stainless vent, you may at least be able to see the fasteners with a flashlight and an inspection mirror.

Our fridge outlet is down low, by the fridge. It is on a separate circuit from the microwave.  Have you checked the breaker or fuse for the microwave circuit?

If yours is installed the same way as ours,  you'll probably have to pull the fridge into the aisle to access the threaded rod.




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