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Giving the Rv a try


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Hi everybody,

As you may know from my previous post, I live Charlotte, NC and I am evaluating purchasing an OTT.

I would like to give the lifestyle a try before I commit. I understand, there are no OTT for rent, but what would you recommend I rent that is the closest? 

Any rental companies that you recommend?

Thanks in advance,


Fred M



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travel trailer units for sale
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Not many commercial outfits rent travel trailers, but you could try rvshare.com, for a travel trailer.

These units are rented for a few days to a few months, by their owners, through the network. 

Many will deliver and show you how to set up. And use it.

When my sister and her husband, years ago, thought they wanted a tab, we found one near asheville, she rented it for 4 days and they camped with us. They realized camping was awesome, but not in a tab. (For them. My brother in law is just too tall for that unit. They bought something else.)

2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

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I assembled my own trailer and have been using it the past two Winters to 1)see how I like the lifestyle and 2)figure out what I wanted in a trailer. Nothing like experience(s) to cement-in a decision. My Legacy Elite II will be ready later this year. This Winter is being spent finalizing decisions on options through experience(s) and finding new places across the SW to park my new Ollie in Jan and Feb022.


Best wishes to you on your journey. 

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If you want to visit an Oliver, the NOT a rally (covid) is happening at Lake Guntersville SP in Guntersville, Alabama, May 13-16. The details are here in the forum under Camping, 2021 NOT a rally. There are about 20 people registered. It will be my first time with my new trailer I will pick up in March. Everyone will be showing off their trailer.


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2022 Ford F150 4x4

2021 Elite I #758       

      Map of Provinces I Visited


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