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Anderson leveling system


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My wife and I are picking up our E2 in June. It’s a long wait but we have decided to treat it like a pregnancy since it is all told going to be a 9 month event. As with most pregnancies we have been purchasing massive amounts of stuff in anticipation of the big day. I had a particular question about the Anderson leveling system that I was hoping one of you kind folks could answer. Is the space between the front and rear tires wide enough for the the Anderson levelers to fit without being cut? I think  you can cut as much as 4 inches off these levelers if need be and if it’s necessary I was going to do it ahead of time. There will be many more questions ahead as things get more real. We are now deep into the second trimester of this long pregnancy! 😳 

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There is enough room to fit the one leveler between the tires without problem.

When coming off of them, you do need to be a little careful or you will wedge the middle one between the two tires.  It is not a problem but you may need to move the trailer an inch or two one way or the other.  

If you find the need to talk to someone regarding your preparation, feel free to PM me with your contact information.  I am always happy to talk about Rv'ing and the Oliver.  I love the distraction!


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On VERY RARE occasions (usually when the nose of the Oliver is either severely high or low) I've found my Andersen's to be fairly tight between the tires.  For this and a couple of other reasons I carry a rubber mallet.  A couple of taps and its free.

June is going to be a great month to pick up your baby - like there really is such a thing as a bad month!  Hopefully you are doing a bunch of trip planning so that you will be ready for the road.


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