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  1. I had a similar thing happen where my pump was sputtering air and water mix and I could see that the filter bowl was only maybe half full. In my case I had taken the pump and filter apart trying to troubleshoot a problem and had inadvertently pinched the gasket in the filter bowl to where it could not seal properly. I was able to unscrew the filter bowl and correct the alignment of the gasket and all was well again. One of many self inflicted gunshot wounds I have caused myself. let me know if you want to talk this through more. Mike
  2. The variable you need to change in the Xantrex is P28. I have similar size generator and I have set p28 to 13.0 amps. This seems to work well and keeps the generator out of overload. Programming the Xantrex using the phone app is the easiest way to access the parameters. Let me know if I can help guide you on using the app. Mike
  3. Thanks everyone we will use polar white. Polar white looks like a great match. Pam
  4. We are getting ready to order EZE Gutter for our new LE2. We have been looking over this thread for guidance on the installation and color. So far we have seen Ollie owners use Ultra White and Bright White with good color matches. Right now none of those whites are currently available. However Polar white can be ordered. Has anyone used Polar white or know if the color matches the hull? thanks everyone Pam
  5. We picked up hull 836 LE2 on June 30. We received a paper copy of the Owners manual and a paper copy of the components manual. Pam
  6. I was incorrect, sorry to lead with bad information about turning the remote off. We will test out different ways to keep the Xantrex fan off during our next couple trips when we have shore power and a load. Pam
  7. Susan We have an LE2 hull 836 with the Lithium Pro Package (lithionic batteries). On our panel, the Xantrex can be turned off quite easily by the button on the remote panel. Please note, there is a switch underneath the street side bed that needs to be turned to the off position for the remote to be able to turn the system off. We usually dry camp but have turned the Xantrex off while on shore power during the night. The fan noise bugs me too but not my husband. pam
  8. We picked up our LE2 this summer and have camped 20 days thus far. We have the twin beds and no lagun table. I too was worried about the meal prep space, 2 burner stove and no oven. We purchased a Weber Q2000 series to use outside when it’s not raining and frigid (we live in Vancouver WA). I have been happily surprised how functional the kitchen has been to use. The counter space for prep is better than the larger trailer we rented in the past. I utilize the covered area on the stove and the dinette table to place items when I’m doing the prep. (I do protect the stove cover from scratching with a cloth). Personally, I prefer the cooktop orientation sideways but that’s a personal opinion. Pam
  9. We picked up hull 836 this last June and experienced something like what you are describing. Jason did a 2021 walkthrough video that seems to be relevant on this subject. There is a quirk to how the AC works and Jason explained it this way. If you have the fan in auto with the AC on it will run the fan on high until getting close to set point and then switches the fan to low. As it makes this transition the fan shuts off for a short period of time before coming back on. This appears to be a short cycling condition but is actually not. I believe Jason suggested that you run the fan in manual low when running the AC . We mostly dry camp so don’t run the AC that much so haven’t had a chance to test this out. Mike
  10. I believe that Oliver should deliver the xantrex inverter with the setting #5 set to OFF. Xantrex told me that the shutdown timer that defaults to 25 hours is really there for if the inverter is used say at some research station where there are long periods where no one may be around. It shuts itself off to conserve battery power until someone wakes it up. This has no real value in an Rv in most cases. What I still am working on is understanding how to revive the inverter without plugging into shore power. The only reason plugging in works is it activates the charger section of the Xantrex and that wakes up the whole unit. I tried every switch and breaker to revive it and nothing happened. This is a flaw either in the Xantrex itself or how Oliver has it wired. If I come up with an answer on this I will share but if you turn setting 5 to off you should never run into it. Mike
  11. Hi there. We picked up hull 836 on June 21st and ran into the same Xantrex issue where it just shut down and we couldn’t seem to revive it. We to had been dry camping and not using any significant 120vac loads. I finally plugged my generator in and it miraculously brought everything back on line. It was a mystery until it happened again while we were home and the trailer was just sitting there again with minimal ac loads. I called Xantrex and found out that there is a setting in the Xantrex (setting #5) that is set default to 25 hours. This is called a power save setting and it shuts down the inverter after 25 hours if it does not detect any significant 120vac load. It does not detect a load as small as the microwave front panel display but if you ran the microwave it would detect that and cancel the 25 hour countdown to shutdown. The Xantrex guy told me to change setting # 5 to OFF. This disables the shutdown timer. I did that and it has been trouble free ever since. Also make sure if you were pushing on/off buttons on the inverter under the bed and the inverter remote that you go back and check that the inverter power button under the bed is in the off position and the on/off button on the remote is in the on position. This gives full control to the remote and will save you from having to go under the bed if you ever need to turn on or off the inverter. There is instructions in the manual on how to change settings but it’s much easier if you put the Xantrex app on your phone and connect by Bluetooth. let me know if I can help more. Mike
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPT_-4rBDbo Hello and welcome to the family. My wife and I are hull 836 and we also live in the Vancouver Washington area. We also have had some problems with propane systems faulting. I finally decided to put a fresh bottle on that I purchased here in Vancouver and after bleeding the lines and getting the new gas through the system we have not had any more problems. Fingers crossed. I never would have guessed that it was bad gas but so far it does seem to have been. I attached a link at the top of this of a video that Jason the service manager put out on the Anderson hitch. He does a great job of showing the best method to get the hitch on and off without ever touching the Anderson tensioning adjustments. I have used it without fail now on 12 hitch and unhitch cycles. Works great. mike
  13. Greetings from Washington state! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Weber. We picked up hull 836 on June 21st. We purchased a Weber Q2200 for the trip home and I purchased the below conversion kit and a 12’ hose which sounds about like what you did. The grill seems to work pretty much as I would have expected. It does sound like a low pressure problem you are having. Are your fittings installed like the picture below. The fittings replace the regulator. MENSI 1/8'' FNPT x 1/4'' Male Quick Connect Plug Propane Quick Disconnect Conversion Kit Adapter for Weber Q 100
  14. Yes we used the stove with absolutely no issue. It worked great.
  15. We just got home after a 2400 mile trek with Hull 836. We too had the same issue with the Norcold Fridge faulting (in manual) on propane while we were driving, two times. Both times the weather was from ideal and windy. Note, the fridge worked fine on propane while we were stationary. When we were sitting out the third night (it was windy) we could hear the Suburban hot water tank flicker and keep lighting on and then going off. Yesterday my husband checked the propane valve and it was only open 1/4 turn. We haven’t vetted out yet whether the supply propane is set too low. It has been a blur coming home to 115F and trying to save all of our plants on our small farm. We will update soon with what we find. Pam from the VERY Hot PNW
  16. Hi Clare - we are from Washington State and will be picking up our LE2 on June 21 too! We will see you there! pam
  17. Thank you ShallowGal! I downloaded and started Beartown last night! Pam
  18. Boys in the boat is a great non-fiction book that’s listed. Another non-fiction book I also really enjoyed was River of Doubt. Teddy Roosevelt’s adventure in the Amazon was truly amazing. Pam
  19. It is really a riot how exiting the anticipation of finally getting your Ollie is. My wife and I ordered our LE2 last September and we pick up hull number 836 on June 30th. Meanwhile we have been on the forum almost every day gaining as much knowledge as we can from the wonderful community. We have one whole spare bedroom dedicated to the gigantic pile of stuff that we will outfit the Ollie with. The vast majority of the items came from suggestions we see on the forum. We are left coasters so our trip to pick up is close to 2500 miles. We have had that trip booked and planned out for months. Mike and Pam
  20. JScott The 2021 color choices are in the attached brochure. I narrowed down which colors I wanted and Phil sent us samples. We pick up our LE2 on June 30. Hope this helps. Pam 2021-OTT-Brochure.pdf
  21. Thanks so much for the response. we are looking so forward to being members of the unique Oliver family. Mike
  22. My wife and I are picking up our E2 in June. It’s a long wait but we have decided to treat it like a pregnancy since it is all told going to be a 9 month event. As with most pregnancies we have been purchasing massive amounts of stuff in anticipation of the big day. I had a particular question about the Anderson leveling system that I was hoping one of you kind folks could answer. Is the space between the front and rear tires wide enough for the the Anderson levelers to fit without being cut? I think you can cut as much as 4 inches off these levelers if need be and if it’s necessary I was going to do it ahead of time. There will be many more questions ahead as things get more real. We are now deep into the second trimester of this long pregnancy! 😳
  23. I’m posting from an IPad. Thank you for all effort to help others.
  24. I believe the person to talk to for additional nights is Donna at (931-762-9408).
  25. I believe I get the idea. I’ll bring the bottle jack along even though it is unlikely to ever leave the box. It will be there just in case there is a surprise inspection by the “proper use of the stabilizers” police😉. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for future cries for help. Mike
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