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  1. Thanks so much for the response. we are looking so forward to being members of the unique Oliver family. Mike
  2. My wife and I are picking up our E2 in June. It’s a long wait but we have decided to treat it like a pregnancy since it is all told going to be a 9 month event. As with most pregnancies we have been purchasing massive amounts of stuff in anticipation of the big day. I had a particular question about the Anderson leveling system that I was hoping one of you kind folks could answer. Is the space between the front and rear tires wide enough for the the Anderson levelers to fit without being cut? I think you can cut as much as 4 inches off these levelers if need be and if it’s necessary I was goi
  3. I’m posting from an IPad. Thank you for all effort to help others.
  4. I believe the person to talk to for additional nights is Donna at (931-762-9408).
  5. I believe I get the idea. I’ll bring the bottle jack along even though it is unlikely to ever leave the box. It will be there just in case there is a surprise inspection by the “proper use of the stabilizers” police😉. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for future cries for help. Mike
  6. We are in the queue to pickup our Elite 2 this summer which seams a painfully long way in the future still. Nonetheless we are busy accumulating items we know we will need to show up with when we journey from Vancouver WA to Tennessee to pick our new home up. From what I have learned Oliver does not supply a jack for the purpose of changing a flat tire on the trailer. I was hoping I could get some advise from current owners on what the best option is for this. I have a 4 ton bottle jack that has a max height in the 14 inch range. Would that suffice? Is a scissor type jack a better option?
  7. We too will be members of the Soon-to-be-Oliver's Association of Western WA. We will pick up our Elite ii in June 2021 and reside in Vancouver WA.
  8. This is my first post on this forum so forgive my ignorance if I say something silly here. My wife and I are in the queue for an elite 2 with the lithium pro package so the dead Xantrex 3000 post gave me concern. Following up on the post about the power save mode possibly being the problem I found the manual for the unit on the Xantrex site because the wrong manual is on the Oliver site. There is a power save mode that is factory set to shut the unit down 25 hours after ac loads drop below 50watts. When an ac load greater than 25 watts is sensed by the Xantrex unit it should automatically tur
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