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Boondocking with CPap

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Does anyone have to boondock with their Ollie with a cpap machine? Looks like I will be getting hooked up with one in the near future🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😖 

Our Ollie will be ready in Feb 2022, any must have to make sure the Cpap will work well/stay powered at night. 
Any tips/suggestions?

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I use a ResMed AirSense10 with a 12V adapter and it works great.  I uses very little power, even with the humidifier on.

I put it in the "attic" cabinet, plug it into the 12V receptacle and run the hose down a hole in the floor of the cabinet.

The adapter was a little expensive, at $80 but is sure use a lot less power than running it on AC through an inverter.


Andrew, Carianne and Buffy | San Diego, CA

2019 Legacy Elite II Hull #468 "California Burrito" | 2018 BMW x5 35d 

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We run a cpap machine. We used to, while boondooking, run the inverter and plug the machine into the kitchen outlet. When she needed (they said) a new machine I requested the 12 V plug with it as well. We have run the lights, tv during the evening, the furnace and the cpap all night and had no appreciative drop in voltage available. The solar had a full charge by 10am. The machine sits on a stool as we were told the machine should be below the head. We have the standard king layout...


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We have a cpap as well, and run it on 12 volt with an adapter when we don't have electric hook up.  We run it of the inverter when we do have the electric hook up.  We have a twin bed model an we place it on the night stand. Works fine.

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