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Correct and current manuals


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I was told this morning by Oliver service that the instructions I had been following as presented in the manual I was given March 17 at delivery for the Andersen Hitch are old and have been updated by Andersen. The correct manual coincides with the removal and connection method as presented at delivery. As an fyi, I asked about a connector that was displayed in my manual which is no longer used by Andersen. Without that inquiry, I would not have known that the manual delivered was not correct, and the procedure listed in the manual should not be used. I try to follow the RTFM principle, but when it is the wrong manual, it becomes disappointing.

Has anyone found other manuals that might be out of date?

https://www.mediafire.com/file/bx5xm3p7hie6515/3932_-_WD_Hitch_installation_manual_May_2021_Low_Res.pdf/file the correct Andersen manual. I was told that Oliver is going through the other manuals that are given out today to verify that they are current. The manuals are copied and placed in a bound book. Nice idea, and the manuals are in one place. Need the correct manuals, though.


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@JRKI know I’m going to catch a lot of ribbing for showing this. My Oliver mentor @KountryKampergives me crap about it all of the time for carrying this stuff. But I went over the entire camper and took pictures of the data plates and data labels on everything showing model numbers and serial numbers. I then downloaded AND PRINTED all the manuals for the devices, pieces, parts, etc., from the companies that made them and made sure the manuals were for the serial number range of the devices that I had (especially Dometic, Truma, Atwood stuff) and put them in (2) 3-ring binders because sometimes you do not have the ability to look at the internet. I found that some of the manuals available on the Oliver site were wrong for my camper. In addition to owners manuals you can also find service manuals, parts drawings and installation manuals for a lot of the stuff on your trailer. 


Look for data plates and labels on devices. Some are not easy to find. 



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I've taken that a step further, and I look for service/ technical manuals,  and print those, too.

The hardcopy manuals, stored away, have saved our bacon,  in remote sites where we have no internet. 

Great suggestions,  @Townesw

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