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Let's talk the latest in Generators, specifically Yamaha EF2200is with the RV 30 amp female plug

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I'm looking for the best generator for my Ollie and I understand HONDA is the best and i have read several of the blogs that occurred several years ago.  I found where Yamaha now has an EF 2200is that has a 30 amp plug so no adaptor is required.  I thought I found one that had dual gas operation LP & reg gas.  I will be using my LP tanks so it will be LP for me.  However, I can't seem to locate the LP dual fuel model on line?!?!  If I go with Honda (I have a 10 month wait) I have a little time before purchasing so I was hoping they would make one with a 30 amp RV style plug in cord.  I'm new to Ollie and the Forum but have been RV's for 30 years.  Any input would be welcome.  I won't be doing a lot of boon docking except at some bluegrass festivals and I have ordered the 340 watt solar panels with the AGM batteries.

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Yes, you are correct. The Honda EU2200i companion has a NEMA L5-30 3-prong twist lock receptacle. You will need an adapter from this receptacle to the TT-30 3-prong straight bladed plug on the trailer's power cord.

FYI you will also not get 30A without pairing up (2) 2200i's using the optional cable from Honda made for that purpose...

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Tom & Holly

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You can go with two standard Honda 2200's and not purchase the companion unit with the 30 amp 3 prong plug if you purchase the Hutch Mt power grip parallel cable.

I had them build a custom extra long version with a marine end that threads into my trailer power input. Very clean and simple. You have the option to run one or two 2200's with this cable. One cable gets it done if you have them build you one with the marine end that matches your trailer's input. Many ways to get the job done. This system works very well. My generators live on the end of my bedside. I drop my tailgate, open the back hatch of the A.R.E. truck canopy, pull out the bedside about two feet, plug in the cables, tap into the front external LP quick release and we have power from one or two 2200's as needed. 








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