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7 hours ago, reader said:

How difficult is it to connect your hitch when traveling alone? 

Thank you

Read Howarth

It depends.  Do you have a back up camera on your truck?  If you have a camera that you can monitor while backing up it is not very difficult to hitch up alone.  I’ve done it many times.  I’ve not done it without a camera.  I do get out and check once or twice to ensure I’m positioned right but other than that it’s pretty easy.  Mike

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Like Mike, same here with the backup camera assist in our truck its piece of cake really. I've also done many solo trips several hundred miles away with no issues so far and I am not alone in these type of endeavors. There are many RV'ers doing the same.

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I do have a back camera, and it is a great assist in connecting to a trailer.  However I do own an older truck, along with my Jeep, that do not have camera’s.

Connecting to a trailer can take a little practice, but it can be done with one person.  For a one person hook up, I would suggest you invest in an innovative product called “Hitching Stick”, found them at an R v center a few years back, and have been very impressed with how they work when no one around to help guide you.

These Hitching Sticks are inexpensive and are nothing more than a bright yellow fiberglass pole that looks like about 3 feet of fishing pole (however they are thicker and much more heavy duty).  They have a magnet on the bottom of the pole so you can attach it to the top of your hitch ball.  The second stick you place on the top of your tongue near the hitch.

As you back up and look over your right shoulder, just keep the two sticks in line with each other.  As you get close to the trailer, the stick on the hitch ball will fall off/over when the hitch on the tongue is directly on top of the ball.

I carry a set of these sticks under the rear seat of my truck all the time….they are a great help when working alone.



They do have them on Amazon for $35.




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