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I am sensitive to mold and chemicals


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Hi, Here's a little background: I developed a sensitivity to mold and chemicals after exposures several years ago. I'm interested in the Oliver after reading about it's construction and how it's less likely to leak and develop mold issues. The thing that keeps us from buying new is the new smell of products/fiberglass/fabrics etc. Has anyone ever had issues like mine? I'm just curious if new Oliver's have a noticeable new smell and outgassing from chemicals? The other thing that creates issues is winterizing with antifreeze in the water lines. We had a class A and purposely bought it a few years older to help with outgassing.. we stored it in Alabama in the winter and never needed to winterize it. As soon as we moved north and my husband used antifreeze in the lines I reacted. I'm thinking the ideal Oliver would be approx a year old ( but I'm not sure) that's stored in a climate controlled environment... This sounds close to impossible to find- but if by chance anyone is out there with advice or interested in selling an Oliver that fits these parameters please let me know. Thank you so much!!

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My trailer smelled like a boat factory for two years, I really like the smell of resin…. I think you would need one at least that old if it bothers you.

You do not need to use antifreeze, you can drain and blow out the system with compressed air. It is not 100% reliable like pumping AF, there is still a small possibility of residual water draining to a low spot and freezing. Plus you still need to add a little AF to the inside drains. But you might be able to find a product for those three spots that doesn’t bother you, it doesn’t have to be non-toxic glycol. Mineral oil would work. Fill them enough to displace the trapped water, then dry the areas and tape over the openings with 2” aluminum HVAC tape so the odor doesn’t rise into the cabin….

John Davies

Spokane WA

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I am very sorry for your situation,  but I do have some understanding. 

A year plus, in climate control, may be difficult to find.

My sister has many sensitivity issues, like yours.  She also bought a pre-owned, stored inside trailer,a different brand. It worked out ok. But, it was a crapshoot .

There are unfortunately no guarantees for her , or you. It seems to be very "situational. " 

There is no way for mold to grow fiberglass, but it can grow on organic "dirt, and leavings."  And, there is always a bit if fiberglass dust,, and the scent at first. Oliver is better than most, but no guarantees,  with your sensitivity.  

The hull and  gelcoat are  fine. But other items outgas. Fabrics, wiring, plumbing. appliances.

I wish I could say "fine," but I can't. Go to an Oliver rally, visit some trailers. See how you react. 

Then hunt down the trailer of your dreams, if you are ok .

Best if luck, truly. If your class a works forcyou, and is in good shape, I'd  keep it, honestly. 




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I bought a 2018 Elite II, which was used very little. I did purchase new mattresses (the old ones had a little bit of mold on them so I trashed them) and picked them up before our first trip this spring. My wife is very much effected by smells and she has not have any issues with smells this year.

In the spring you can flush out the RV antifreeze and disinfect the water system which will take away any of those type of odors.

I would recommend that you purchase the under mattress (or under cushion) hypervent matting. It allows air on the underside of mattress so they do not get moist and allow mold to form. Also use a dehumidifier in the Oliver during humid times to keep any humidity low so mold does not grow on any cloth used for the mattresses or cushions is a prudent item to purchase. I use the dehumidifier all summer even when parked in our driveway. It keeps thing fresh.

I think with a little bit of prevention you should be ok.


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@dewdev I'm so glad to hear that your wife isn't bothered by your Oliver smell this year. It must feel really comforting. Thank you for your tips about the mattresses- Humidity is something I'm very aware of when it comes to mold... and sort of worry about controlling. It's so nice that you can keep your camper at home and manage your levels with a dehumidifier. We would have to find a climate controlled storage facility. Thank you again for all your help. Best wishes for good health. 


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