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Solis Lite Hotspot & Power Bank

Mark and Lorraine

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I'm expecting delivery of my Elite ll in May, and am evaluating the options available from Oliver and aftermarket. One product I recently found is the Skyroam hotspot. What is unique about this hotspot is that it is not dependant on a particular service provider, and the data you purchase is supplied by the cell provider having the strongest signal when you connect. This quickly caught my attention as you don't have to worry about which provider or two you may choose for wifi.

Does anyone have any experience with this?



Mark & Lorraine

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They started out as a way to provide a hot spot for cell service to those overseas.  With Covid 19 limiting foreign travel, they turned to seducing USA users.  I've had one of the two we purchased for USA use for more than two years.  They are 3G/4G and when it works, it works well.  They have had a number of software updates that have improved their hot spot.  However, I've have had difficulty with connections in the past.  It sometimes reported "no partners" are available in the area when I see others using their cell phones.  Lake Powell in AZ was one place and the Navajo Reservation in northern NM was another.  In summary, I think it may be a good choice as a backup service as their cell phone plans have become more inexpensive and convenient to use, but it doesn't seem to work where there are only 3rd party providers for the major cell phone providers.

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I've read about 100 reviews now, very mixed,  and my opinion is this would be a decent device for those on an unlimited Verizon plan (like me), who need coverage in tmobile or att areas, including Europe. 

If and when we go back to Europe, I "might" consider it, but the device depends on a cell signal. I have Verizon. My husband, tmobile. So, we're pretty much covered, anywhere there is actually signal, and his tmobile works best in Australia, New Zealand, most if Europe, and parts of Canada. We've streamed movies, etc., from his unlimitrd phone as a hotspot in many places in Europe. Mine is often best here in the US. 

I will say, their daypass for international travel is much less expensive than Verizon. Which doesn't work in many countries, anyway.

And, they have a holiday sale going on. Major discounts on gb plans, which don't expire. That's a nice feature, and many reviews say the gb plans actually work better than their unlimited.

Thanks for bringing this up. It's interesting.  

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