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Issues when winterizing

Lori L

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Was following the video to winterize my Elite II.  Followed all the steps, drained water tanks, turned off the gas, turned off water heater, adjusted by-pass valve, set the ball valves for winterization mode, cleared water out of faucets, everything up to attaching the hose to the inlet to pull in the antifreeze.  I turned on the water pump and turned on the cold water in the kitchen sink.  The hose pulled some of the antifreeze out of the container then no more movement.  Some water was spurting out of the faucet but that was it.  I finally turned off the pump because I didn't want to ruin it.  Not sure what I am doing wrong but I am sure it was something I overlooked.  How should the ball valve be oriented on the fresh water tank?  Does it have anything to do with winterizing?  Should there be a water source?  I feel dumb for asking, it seemed pretty simple on the video.  Any help is appreciated.  Last thing, after winterizing I was planning on leaving the camper plugged.  Should I turn off the inverter.  I am planning on leaving the batteries (lithium)  in the compartment in the camper and not doing anything with them.  I live in North Alabama, temps dip to 19 or 20 degrees some nights.   My camper is stored in a garage.  Just adding that info in case it is helpful.  Thanks for any assistance--Happy New Year!

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Check that you have all the valves in the winterization mode.

Did you turn the valve on the hot water tank/truma hot water heater to the correct closed position?

Check that the hose connection to the trailer is tight and that there is a gasket in the trailer connection, as it sounds like you might be pulling in air. 
Also check that the hose is at the bottom of the antifreeze bottle.

Note: From the rear hose connection and the valves in the correct position, no anti-freeze goes into the fresh water tank.

You should have the inverter shut-off at all times except when you need the inverter on to change DC (battery current) to AC current (electrical plugs and microwave) while camping.

Yes, leave the trailer plugged in and I suggest you have a dehumidifer in the trailer since you are down south where it can get humid.

Others with lithium batteries can advise you on that question.

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Use the hand pump to pump some antifreeze into the boon docking port.  That will fill the line to the pump.  Take the line off the pump and put it into the bottle of anti freeze and you should be good.



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I had an issue the first time I winterized because one of the clamps on the pex line from boon docking port, at the ball valve, was not tight.


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