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Dimensions of Basement


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We have a Elite II on order and haven’t gotten to go do the tour yet but hopefully soon.  Could anyone give me the actual dimensions of the basement?  I’m wanting the width and length and height of the longest part and any area dimensions that aren’t  included in that part.  In the picture it looks like there is a jog so trying to see width after the jog.  

2022 Elite II, Hull #1271

Picked up 10/12/22

2021 FX4 Expedition, Heavy tow package, Anderson Hitch. 

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I haven't measured it lately, but If you go to Oliver University on the bottom of the web page, you will be able to find most measurements while you wait for someone like me to measure.  It is definitely wider at the outside access door then under the nightstand curbside bed. 



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David Caswell and Paula Saltmarsh

Hull 509 "The Swallow"



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I can get three milk crates in my basement, 2 that are the 14"x19" long ones and 1 of the standard size ones, maybe 14"x14" ones, I would have to measure then to see. I also took a wood dowel and put a hook in the end to grab the crate that is pushed way to the back as you will not be able to reach in an grab it very easily. I will say here I have just gone to using the two larger crates as have the free space in the front works better for me and I find I do get more room for the quick needed things at the front. 


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On 2/19/2022 at 10:43 PM, hgreen said:

the width under nightstand area.

On my 2016 Elite II the width (from the rear of the camper towards the front of the camper) right inside the outside basement door is - 35 1/2 inches.  The width then narrows down to 26 inches.  Note that these are the "maximum" measurements - due to the slope/curve of the hull, these measurements are a touch shorter when measured right at the floor level.

Hopes this helps!


p.s.  also not that the outside basement door opening as measured from the interior is 15 3/4 to 16 inches wide by 13 inches high.

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Near Asheville, NC

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