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Selling with a Lien

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We've come to the difficult decision of selling our Oliver. We love it, but it's just not getting the use we had hoped. I've never sold a vehicle with a lien on it, so I am looking for specific advice on how to go about that process that will protect both the buyer and seller. For example, should I set up an escrow account and have the title and payment held there until everything is released, etc., or are there other options? Any help would be appreciated.


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I expect whoever holds the loan will specify the conditions under which you may sell, and how the sale must be handled.  They may insist on loan payoff, or they may be willing to allow the buyer to assume the loan.  They may also require that any sale be handled through an escrow agent, to ensure that the proceeds are used to pay off the loan balance, plus fees, if any.

I recommend you contact that entity to find out what they require.

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If the lien holder is local to you, simply meet the buyer here and have the transaction done locally. They pay you, you pay the loan off right there and then.  Then you can sign over the title once it's clear.  I would personally ask for a wire transfer because that can be really quick (not on a Friday afternoon but a weekday in the morning) and there are no worries of fraud with a cashiers check, etc. This would require some advanced planning as you'd need an appt with your lender.  Don't know the specifics of your camper, but it's relatively easy as long as you sell for more than your loan balance.  Good time to sell, resale values have increased with the advent of the 2023 model price structure.  Good luck! We'll be listing our Ollie in June so we're already thinking of the process. 





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