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  1. Open up the blackflow ...... the black T handle. depending on how you outfit your Oliver, it's either a black handle near the floor to the left of the toilet, or it's in the closet if you upgraded.
  2. Yeah, that group does an annual ride for a few days each September. We too are recumbent 'trikers' and enjoy riding there and across the bridge in Washington. We're hoping to get over there next week if the smoke lifts.
  3. We LOVE Fort Stevens and try to stay there a few times a year. The beach, the Columbia River and a lake all within the same park. Bike riding is fun on the paths. Just a wonderful spot, perfect for a September rally!
  4. We purchased an ARE cap and yes, they are color matched. Ours has LED lighting which helps at night. We have over $20K of product in the bed of the truck and wanted it protected from the elements and prying eyes when traveling with and without the travel trailer. https://www.4are.com/product/z/
  5. Good tips! Refigerator/Freezer space is limited so I plan our meals in advance so that we only take exactly what we need. We're leaving in a week so today I made lentil sloppy joes, sweet potato and black been burgers, vegan chili and chunky veggie soup. Those are now in the freezer ready to go. I used to put brown rice in freezer bags but since freezer space is so limited, I now purchase the brown rice in those shelf stable packets that I keep in the pantry. We use shelf stable soy milk that can be stored until ready to be chilled in the fridge. At home generally I eat a large green
  6. We bit the bullet and rented an enclosed garage nearby. They added an electric outlet so we can keep it connected to shore power to keep the batteries charged. This worked for us since we can't store RV's in our neighborhood. Decades ago, we used RV covers. They are HEAVY, especially when wet. At the ages we are now, there is no way I want my husband on a ladder to do this task. In fact, I recently removed the ladder from the front closet for this reason. Please consider the safety factor when making your decision.
  7. Easy enough to find out. Deduct the tongue weight of the trailer and then the weight of your bodies and anything you've added on to the truck after market. Then you'll know what's left for 'stuff'.
  8. 1050. Less than the spec sheet. Options add up: Moonroof, running boards, etc, etc.
  9. We have a RAM 4x4, 1500 'Limited' trim with the 3.92 rear end. The payload is an issue for us. All those 'options' add up and our payload is MUCH less than advertised in the brochure. The accurate number is on the door panel and then you have to deduct your tongue weight. Deduct the truck 'cap'/cover and two recumbent trikes, cooler, and all the little things and it's not looking good. While we are well under for towing specs, the payload is an issue. We'll be upgrading to a 3/4 ton next year.
  10. We purchased a RAM 1/2 ton with the "Limited' trim level three years ago. (2017 model) Very nice truck, nice interior and the newer ones look even nicer. That said, because we purchased the top of the line trim level, with all options, plus adding a bed cap/canopy, we don't have much payload capacity left and it's a real issue since you have to deduct the tongue weight from the payload capacity. Note that our payload capacity listed on the brochure is different that the sticker in the door because we have all the options like moonroof, running boards, 4x4, etc etc etc. You're probabl
  11. We refused a winter delivery and postponed our order so that we could arrive in May to attend the Oliver Rally in Alabama. We were advised that we might have to absorb a price increase by delaying until the next production year (2019), but my husband was adamant about not traveling from Oregon until at least spring. He didn't want to risk snow, or anxiety over towing in a rain storm/winds, etc. He actually preferred a summer delivery but I didn't want to wait, so we compromised on May 😊 That said, we DID have to shelter in place when a tornado came through Arkansas. We stayed at a Harvest
  12. We drove there via the northern route and returned via the southern route. May weather. Watch for snow in either route in December?
  13. We're in Southern Oregon. When we were interested in seeing a trailer Oliver set us up with some folks who are 4 hours from us. We met with them and they spent several hours with us, enough time that we knew we'd be placing a order shortly thereafter. No need to travel to the factory. Instead, take the tour when you pick up your trailer. We scheduled our pickup for the day before the annual rally in Alabama. Worked out great!
  14. We just returned from a stay at Fort Smith State Park in Warrenton. This was after our initial reservations were cancelled. The reservation system will now only accept reservations up to 30 days in advance. We enjoy stays at Cape Blanco on the coast, but they're closed for the season.
  15. We'll be heading out from Oregon and picking up our Oliver on the 14th and after spending the night at the plant, will head out the next day to the rally. Really looking forward to meeting other owners. For those who have been to a previous rally, do you know if there is internet/wi-fi available? I'm not sure how our Sprint plan will work and we'll want to figure out which route we'll want to take back to the West Coast after the rally is over.
  16. For those shopping, if you're interested, there's an article on passenger-side crash tests. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/some-pickup-trucks-perform-poorly-in-recent-crash-tests-2019-03-21 "Several pickup trucks sold in the U.S. performed poorly in a passenger-side crash test, with an influential safety group saying the vehicle style as a whole “has a lot of work to do.” Nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the research arm of the insurance industry, said Thursday it recently put pickups through a passenger-side small overlap front test, and that most struggled to ma
  17. Specs can be found on this site http://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/legacy-elite/specifications/
  18. My husband and I will be leaving Southern Oregon to pick up our Ollie in early May. We are native West Coasters who have only flown east, never driven. There are several routes to get to the Oliver Plant but I was warned that the northern route may pose difficult due to weather. Any suggestions? We don't care about site-seeing on the way there, hoping to get there in 5...... 6 days max. We're older but we share driving, stop every 2 hours and only drive a max of 6-9 hours per day not counting stops. We'll be attending the rally and then take our time getting home. Would
  19. I didn't mean to highjack cptdondo's thread but I also didn't want to begin a new one. I appreciate the feedback received regarding our Ram 1500. Good thoughts and suggestions, thanks everyone!?
  20. I'm reading this thread and I'm actually a bit nervous about picking up our 2019 Ollie in May. We have 2017 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi engine. 4x4 crew cab with the 6'.4" bed. Towing is 9830, tongue weight maxes out at 1100 lbs. Payload max is 1450 and we have a fiberglass shell thing (I'm female, don't know what it's called, LOL). 3.92 rear end/axle ratio. Gross cargo weight rating is 15,950. This info is from the spec sheet for the truck. Is this light duty truck possibly not up to the task of pulling an Elite II with most options including the box in front with a small Honda gen
  21. Thanks! We'll be picking up our trailer in May, I'll contact you soon to place an order.
  22. Nice work. Is it difficult to remove the cutting board from the sink? It appears to sit flush with the sink.......
  23. We're picking up our new Oliver from the factory on May 14th and will then head to the rally. Our first time in this part of the country! We were assigned a space in the 'E' section, near the water. I spied some Oliver trailers scattered there on the G&J Roaming & Rolling You Tube Video. Skip ahead to the 9+ minute mark to see the flyover of the area taken at last years rally.
  24. We'll be driving through Florence next weekend on our way to Yachats, then to Astoria for 3 nights. Hotels this trip, next year we'll take the Oliver! We like Fort Steven's State Park, have you stayed there in your Ollie?
  25. We've been lurking for a year and finally pulled the trigger on an Elite II. We decided to delay pickup until May 14th so we can travel in better weather and then continue on to the rally at Lake Guntersville in May. We've made our reservations for the rally and are really looking forward to meeting everyone. What a perfect shake down trip! If we get confused about something, we'll be surrounded by Ollie Veterans ? We're really looking forward to boondocking and doing a different type of trailering that we've done in years past. LOTS to learn, but hey..... you're never too old to learn ne
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