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Poor Water Pressure on Water Pump, and Water Coming Out of Weep Hole

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I may be totally off base with this as I'm 4,000 miles from my Ollie to check your pictures against my railer. 

There are two "intended to drip/leak" drains for our OTT's.  One just aft of the entrance door is the water tank overflow drain.  The second is on the street-side rear for the A/C condensate drain.

Could these be the leaks you are seeing?



image.png.acf9bef6ddf142bc1a55a87d2afde555.png        image.png.d2daf5ef1713997732e705043c0bc9bb.png


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I own a 2022 Elite with only 1500 miles on it. I have the same leaking issues as Margaret. I'm very frustrated by this as my Ollie is so new. My front (street and curb sides) weep holes drip all the time. Also the curb front courtesy lights leaks. When I removed it, the black wire was not connected and now the light doesn't work. Thanks, Oliver. I guess when a person spends only $59k, the quality is extra. I've looked in all the obvious spots only to find nothing. 

The roof is solid, not an open space to be found. Besides, I'm in Arizona where rain is a rare joy.

If anyone has other solutions please let me know.

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Your frustration is understandable.  What are the obvious areas you’ve checked?  Have you determined what fluid is leaking?  Probably fresh water and not gray?  Since it is leaking all the time, have you emptied your fresh tank to rule that out?  In Arizona you aren’t getting enough rain to make it leak all the time.  Is there any moisture that you can see between the hulls?  Have you checked under the dinette seats and under the beds?  Does it make any difference if you raise the front of the trailer?  If your tanks are empty and it’s not raining I can’t think of what would be causing a leak or what could be leaking.

Did your reconnect the black wire to your light?  

Have you thought about getting a local RV repair shop to look at your issue?  You should still be under warranty and Oliver should reimburse any cost.  Have you opened a ticket with Oliver service?  There is a long time Oliver owner down in Sierra Vista, not far from Benson, that has an RV guy there who has done work on their trailer that might be able to help.  If you are interested, let me know and I can PM you their info.  Mike

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